You've got mail: Flowers and vegetables arrive for our trial gardens

The best care package arrived this week from Vancouver! My friends at Meadowlands sent up, via air, a huge shipment of plugs for me to play with.

The plugs that consisted of flowers and vegetables will be used in our trial gardens, with all the produce being donated to the local food bank. Thanks to Meadowlands, we have plots of Tried & True cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, basil, broccoli, lettuce and strawberries that we will be sharing in no time flat.

Fresh vegetables and strawberries are very rare here – truthfully, I’ve gotten used to expired eggs, cottage cheese and salad mix, as sometimes that’s all there is. I can’t wait to harvest fresh and raw from the garden!

Fresh produce for the Inuvik food bank this summer

The flowers are been used to decorate the town. Volunteers and I spent last Wednesday evening making Tried & True hanging baskets. Everyone loved the new varieties.

I especially admired the blue bacopa! Inuvik will look so lovely this summer with 40 giant moss baskets hanging down MacKenzie Road. We are excited to be trialing product for such a wonderful company and look forward to reporting on our progress.

Thanks to Meadowlands for supporting our community garden and community! Opening every big box and package within was like Christmas. Caption for the two photos sent here: A wonderful gift of Tried & True edible plants from Meadowlands Nursery will be helping to stock up the Inuvik food bank this summer.