A braid of garlic is the perfect way to cure, store and display your homegrown garlic.

Traditionally, hardnecks are the best for braiding, as they hold up to the process much better than softnecked varieties. Ideally, harvest your garlic and let it cure for three to four days before braiding. Store your garlic braid out of direct sunlight in a place with good air circulation. No care is required, other than occasional dusting. Garlic braids make a wonderful gift for the gourmet in your life. Best Garlic for Braiding 'Music': A hot, porcelain-white garlic. Easy to peel, this garlic has eight cloves per head and keeps for over nine months. 'Aliah': Very hot garlic with a lovely purple skin. Easy to peel, it has seven cloves per head and keeps for over nine months. 'Purple Max': Medium-hot, this purple-skinned garlic has nine cloves per head and will keep for over nine months.