Bikes, gear, bike lanes, maintanence, politics and love notes—Granville Online's guide to everything cycling in Vancouver

Vancouver cyclists

Beyond the Vision for a pedal-happy Vancouver

The ongoing debate about what's needed to move Vancouver cycling ahead.




Gifts for cyclists

10 gifts for the bicyclist who has everything

Scroll through our gift guide for sure-fire ways to impress your favourite bicyclist.



Where to buy bicycles in Vancouver

Where to buy a bicycle in Vancouver

From dirt-cheap to insanely expensive, there's a bike for every cyclist.



Rainy day cycling

Rainy-day cyling gear guide

No need to decommission the bike just because its raining...



fall bicycle maintenance tips

Basic fall bicycle maintenance tips

Before you roll through the puddle-ridden streets of Raincity, be sure to follow these tips.




Hornby separated bike lane

City plans separated bike lane for Hornby Street

City seeks public input on new separated bike lane along Hornby Street downtown.



Burrard Bridge Bike Lane, cycling in vancouver

Burrard Bridge bike lane here to stay

City approves permanent Burrard Bridge bike lane on heels of million-trip milestone.



Family biking in Vancouver

Family biking in the city

Do you feel safe biking with your kids on Vancouver's streets?



Bike safety, bike helmets

Do bike helmets work?

They may muss your hair, but the numbers show helmets save lives.



Our Community Bikes

Our Community Bikes

Sure, Our Community Bikes on Vancouver's Main Street will fix your broken ride. But they'll also teach you how to do it yourself.




Bike to Work Week's back, baby!

Bike to Work Week's back, baby!

Join fellow Vancouverites for the fourth annual Bike to Work Week.



Vancouver 10-year bike plan

Vancouver Council approves bike-friendly 10-year plan

Vancouver's adding 55 kilometres of new bike lanes by 2011... and so much more. Chris Keam reports.




Geoff Meggs bike accident

City councillor struck in bike lane

Vancouver Councillor Geoff Meggs’s bike accident coincides with the opening of the new protected bike lane into downtown.



Vancouver cycling report

The cycling report

Assessing the changes to Vancouver commuter cycling over the past year and forecasting the region’s two-wheeled future.