What to pack when you're travelling to the arctic

How do you pack for six months in the Arctic while restricted to two bags? Looking at my pile, I...

Boat Wood Furniture from the Beaches of Indonesia

Monarch Furnishings’ Boat Wood Range: Crafted by Indonesian artisans from tsunami-destroyed boats

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Patio Design

Before spending time on your patio, spend a weekend making it summer-ready

Serendipity in the garden

Ornamental onions hidden beneath the ground spring to the rescue when the flowers of a California fescue begin to bloom...

Welcome to my world

It can’t be controlled, and any illusion that it can be is just that. It can be guided - you...

Genealogy in the Garden: Cherokee 'Trail of Tears' Beans

Tasha unearths a magical link in a handful of beans.

The world’s most northern greenhouse

Sheena's first stop on her global gardening travel is six months in the Arctic Circle community of Inuvik. With only...

Garden Retailers Pledge Support for National Plastics Recycling Event

Gardeners are encouraged to bring clean, dry garden plastics to one of the garden centre ‘depots’ during National Plastics Recycling...

Nematodes to control lawn chafer

Q: Help! What can I apply to my lawn to eliminate the European chafer beetle larvae? The most effective biological...

Taking the “risk” out of our food

In light of increasing food health scares and increasing attention given to "risky foods", there's never been a better time...

Lavender: the wild one

Wondering which lavender to grow in your garden? This ravishing shrub has become so popular, there are oodles of varieties,

How do I kill weeds in the cracks of a cement sidewalk?

Q: How do I kill weeds in the cracks of a cement sidewalk? A quick and easy way to rid your...

Why are the leaves on my tomato plants curling?

Q: Why have the leaves of my tomato plant curled? I see no sign of bugs. I have a couple...

A willow weeps for water

Q: My beautiful purple weeping willow, which I've had for close to 10 years, suddenly appears to be dying. Within...

Struggling Pink Dogwood that won't flower

Q: I just planted a dogwood tree last fall. This spring it grew nice leaves, but didn’t flower. During our...

Groundcover out of control and smothering everything in sight!

Q: On my property in Fanny Bay there is a section of groundcover that I had always thought was rather...

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