Mikala Taylor rock hands for BackstageRider
Credit: Mikala Taylor

Mikala Taylor rock hands for BackstageRider

Mikala Taylor rock hands for BackstageRider


April 6, 2011 marks the 125th anniversary of the City of Vancouver and in celebration we are posting 125 reasons why YOU love Vancouver!


Reason #1 comes from Mikala Taylor, a.k.a. The BackstageRider...


Reason why I love Vancouver:

Fascinating, cool, creative types in this city are just one of 125 reasons I love Vancouver.


This photo of me throwin’ the rockhands was taken in the home basement of a dear friend, musician Mark Henning, who plays in Guilty About Girls, Combine the Victorious and used to be in Pure. He runs the local Vancouver record company Boutique Empire and lives off Main Street.


Why in his basement? I was part of a crowd in the party scene for the video of “New City Anthem” by AMAZING Van band Sex With Strangers (who have a new album coming out in April, called Frontier Justice), and we were partyin’ and drinkin’ and hangin’ out with all the cool kids. In the video, I think you can see me best around 1:22 in.


Also on hand that night was the most wonderful local artist Robert Edmonds, who—aside from doing Sex With Strangers album covers, rock posters and paintings—is also a force majeur in design: he’s half of Vancouver’s remarkable design duo Evoke.


About Mikala Taylor

Age: A lady doesn’t tell. Oh, alright. It’s not like I’m a lady. 18, forever. Errr, yeah.


Neighbourhood: Commercial Drive. East Van, baby!

Hometown: Toronto. Yeah, sorry about that. But isn’t it revealing that so many people LEAVE the T.dot?


How long you've lived in Vancouver: Four and a bit years. Immigrated from London, England, to arrive to horrible snowstorms and the decimation of Stanley Park and all the trees. But still...

Job: By day? Manager of online content and social media in the tourism industry. By night? I am the BackstageRider, writing and shooting for BackstageRider.com, my indie-rock/alternative music website that focuses on the love for—and overall experience of—music: live gigs, great personalities, behind the scenes, backstage, sex, drugs, rock and roll. I also do media and publicity for amazeballs indie rock legends Sebadoh, but I feel a calling to promote and support all my musician friends. Sometimes I also think my job is to BE the Internet, so you can always find me on Twitter @backstagerider or Facebook fb.com/backstagerider.

Music and musicians. Writing about music and musicians. Hanging out around music and musicians. Interesting personalities. Kooks and people who make me laugh. Making people laugh. Shopping at Farmer’s Markets. Staring at the North Shore mountains from my windows, with a hangover and thanking the gods every day for living here, even in the rain.


I love the Commodore Ballroom, the Biltmore Cabaret and all my amazing friends in the music and arts community (Photogs! Musicians! Painters! Restaurant Owners! Promoters! Social media types! Storytellers!). I also love taking a “disco nap” before going out to a gig, and when I’m at a show I feel the most alive.


I sometimes love Twitter more than any human should—because it is a great connector. It’s introduced me to new, REAL friends, and connects me to the thrumming of this great city. Vancouver isn’t just about matcha lattes, small dogs and yoga mats—it’s also got a wonderful nightcrawler community and loads of people who are doing magical things.




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Why do YOU love Vancouver?

To celebrate the 125th anniversary of our city, Granville Online will be posting 125 reasons to love Vancouver throughout the year.


We are asking you, our dear friends, to submit your reasons why you love this city. It can be anything from food, people, arts and culture, activities, neighbourhoods, politics, scenery, weather… you name it. Submit your reasons in 500 words or less, along with a photo of yourself taken somewhere in Vancouver (also feel free to add a photo of your reason to love Vancouver). Include a brief bio with the following: full name, age, neighbourhood, hometown, how long you've lived in Vancouver, job, company and interests.


Email submissions to Granville Online Secret City blogger Jenn Laidlaw.