Four emerging trends can add simple style to any home as the new year begins

From decorative fringe to velvet pillows, 2018 was a year filled with exciting design trends. Vancouver-based designer Kendall Ansell has rounded up four emerging trends to keep in mind as you revamp your space to start 2019 off right.

1. Cement walls

WallsKendall Ansell InteriorsBringing a modern feel to otherwise simple spaces, concrete has quickly become a favourite in the world of interior design. The use of a concrete wall can add interest and unexpected dimension to a space that is in need of a unique twist. Traditionally, concrete has been seen as unwelcome in spaces like the bedroom, where it was seen as a material that conflicted with the goal of creating a cozy retreat, but people are warming up to the idea. “Clients love the modern contrast of a concrete accent wall, and when textures and patterns are added, it really allows the space to showcase the individual’s unique taste and style” explains Kendall.

2. Extra large art pieces

ArtKendall Ansell InteriorsAs the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the case of this next trend, it may be worth quite a bit more. The use of extra large art pieces adds lasting visual impact, lending added drama to any space. Interesting focal points, splashes of unexpected colour and great conversation starters... there are no shortage of benefits when incorporating this trend into a room upgrade. When selecting the art, Kendall loves supporting local artists and states, “We love working with local artists like Dana Mooney who have customized art for our clients that really help bring their home to life while telling a beautiful story.”

3. Modular open shelving

ShelvingKendall Ansell InteriorsShelves have long been used to stow away clutter, often behind cupboards to hide the inevitable chaos. Now, modular open shelving has created a way for individuals to showcase their prized possessions, in an aesthetically pleasing way. Collections tend to evolve over time, and for some homeowners this trend is an amazing way to bring a specific passion to the forefront of a home. Kendall explains, “The trend can be easily expressed with a few simple items, such as candles, frames or beautiful vases... like the pop of colour added by the gorgeous blue Urban Barn pieces." (above)

4. Bohemian vibes

BohemianKendall Ansell InteriorsThe bohemian trend brings natural and organic elements of the outdoors into the home. This trend combines interesting monochromatic textures, providing beautiful contrasts with varying pieces. Kendall explains that this trend can actually be achieved fairly easily: “What makes this trend so fun, is that it can be easily be incorporated into any home with the addition of a simple throw, or this gorgeous Urban Barn pillow" (above). Experimenting with accent pieces can be a fun way to add this trend to a space, without fully committing to the entire vibe.