Get brighter and healthier skin with these superhero products and tools

Have you ever experienced dull, dry, uneven, flaky or bumpy skin? Well, that may be due to a lack of exfoliation in your skincare routine. Exfoliating sloughs off dead cells to smooth skin and improve overall texture and tone—plus, it helps to prevent clogged pores, which can lead to breakouts. 

Skin naturally sheds dead skin cells every 30 days or so, but it's when those dead cells don’t shed that you'll see dull patches and dryness. Exfoliating simply speeds up that process so you can benefit from healthy, glowing, blemish-free skin.

Here are a few of our favourite ways to exfoliate your skin and body... 


1. Exfoliate Fruit Extract Face Toner by Huna

1A good toner helps with exfoliation as it removes any traces of dirt, impurities and dead cells left on the skin after cleansing. We love this one from Huna, which tones skin naturally, and features ingredients like neroli and citrus. The fruit acid blend works overnight to repair skin and it's packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients like aloe vera. Apply a small amount of toner to a cotton pad and gently swipe over your face, neck and chest after cleansing.
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2. Bamboo Cotton Pads Set by Nena Skincare

Nena SkincareAs exfoliators usually come in liquid form, a pad is necessary when applying the product to your face, neck and chest. We love this Bamboo Cotton Pads Set from Nena Skincare. Not only are the pads reusable (which is a huge bonus), they're also a much more sustainable fabric compared to other materials and are super-soft on the skin. When used, simply put the pads into the organic bag provided and machine wash. 
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3. Body Hero Exfoliating Bar by Glossier

GlossierWe often focus on exfoliating our face and forget about our bodies. This no-mess body scrub from Glossier scrubs away dead skin and dryness, revealing soft, baby-smooth skin in an instant. The finely milled, biodegradable bamboo powder creates a powerful scrubbing action without feeling like you've lost the top layer of your skin. With impactful ingredients like sunflower seed oil and aloe leaf juice, the bar locks in moisture to leave you feeling silky smooth. 
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    4. Glove It by Cloth in a Box

    Cloth in a BoxSimilar to face toners, body exfoliators work best when applied with a tool. Cloth in a Box's Glove It is perfectly designed to wash the skin with a soft fabric side, while the other side exfoliates your body with its double-woven fibre. Providing skin with instant radiance and promoting cell renewal, the gloves are environmentally friendly, reusable and easy to maintain.
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