Four expert tips can help you keep your budget in line while still making big improvements

With a limited budget and an endless amount of ideas pinned to your Pinterest board, selecting which rooms will have the biggest impact on your home renovation results can be difficult. Vancouver-based designer Kendall Ansell shares her top tips for making notable improvements... without breaking the bank.

1. Give your walls extra attention

WallsUrban WallsPainting one roomor even just one wallis a simple update that can make a huge difference. A fresh shade can immediately alter the mood and allow for a completely new feeling in the space. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase Pantone’s Colour of the Year: Living Coral. For many, a room fully covered in this vibrant shade can be excessive, but ,as an accent wall, the colour can create the perfect amount of impact, altering the space completely.

Wallpaper and vinyl decals are other ways to transform a space. A feminine floral or an abstract pattern can create the perfect illusion of modern sophistication and take any space to the next level. Concerned about the wallpaper application? Urbanwalls offers an easy application system that is perfect for those looking for an affordable and DIY-friendly solution for a quick transformation. The best part? They don’t damage your walls when you’re ready to switch them out with something new!

2. Small change, big difference

FaucetPinterest/Williams Sonoma HomeA renovation doesn’t need to be as complex as tearing down an entire wall or installing a new shower. In fact, simply focusing on a simple accessory can make all the difference. Many homes come with rather dull light fixtures. To add your own personal flair to the room, an exciting and vibrant light fixture can do just the trick. It can upgrade the room immediately in a way that introduces guests and showcases personality. Swapping out your outdated area rug for a new one can also be a perfect and simple update to your space. If your focus is on a quick bathroom transformation, Kendall suggests switching out your shower curtain, towels or even a faucet. One of these quick changes can make all the difference.

3. Update the cabinetry

KitchKitch by Kristina LynneThe kitchen is often a primary renovation focus. After all, it’s the heart of the home! Cabinetry is one of the best ways to completely transform your kitchen, but it can also be quite costly. Ikea is often the go-to for cost-effective and functional organization systems, but more and more people are looking to them for a budget-friendly way to renovate their kitchen as well. Swapping out Ikea’s classic cabinet doors with custom cabinetry by Kitch is an incredible solution for customizing your kitchen and adding some of your own personality. The hardware on your cabinetry is another quick fix that can add a modern touch to your kitchen, with metal accents and unique shapes.

4. Cover it up

TilesKendall Ansell InteriorsFlooring can be one of the most complex tasks to tackle during a renovation, butwhen all is said and donethe results are well worth it. Utilizing drop-down vinyl planks, Kendall suggests covering the old and outdated tile floor to update the room. This can be an affordable and transformative alternative to ripping out the previous flooring completely. Outdated tiling in the bathroom or surrounding the fireplace can also be updated with a simple paint job or colourful, patterned overlay.