Sea to sky

From urban errands to outdoor adventures, you need a car that can keep up with every aspect of your lifestyle


Life in B.C. is best accessed with a reliable adventure partner. Someone financially sensible, stylish, smart, and preferably good-looking. Someone with aerodynamic curves that looks equally great gliding up the Sea to Sky as they do on downtown streets.

We’re talking about your vehicle, of course. To handle the urban traffic of Vancouver and to get away from it all on the weekends, B.C. drivers are looking for the complete package in their next car.

Here are five things B.C. drivers should look for in their next perfect match...


1. Room for adventure


B.C. residents are known for hitting the hiking trails (or slopes, or beach, or all three) before sliding into happy hour downtown. For the adventure seekers, the Grouse-grinders and get-away-from-it-all-ers, you’ll need trunk space that is at ease hosting ski gear as well as loading up an epic Costco shopping trip for a weekend barbecue.

The new Toyota C-HR has the city-ease of a coupe, but the spaciousness of an SUV. It’s highway-ready with room for a weekend camping adventure with friends (unfortunately with Bluetooth-enabled audio, the battle for road-trip DJ will be strong). Say goodbye to making miniature grocery trips and borrowing your friend’s truck when you source the perfect credenza. Trunk space looks good on you.


2. Rush-hour friendly

Vancouver’s urban core provides British Columbians with plenty of activities. And traffic. Lots of traffic. Whether you’re an urbanite, a commuter or just a weekend visitor, you’ll want a vehicle that is equipped for easy downtown driving.

Navigate busy Gastown brunch hour with Toyota’s Safety-Sense P, a safety system that offers pre-collision warning, automatic braking, pedestrian detection and a backup camera, perfect for those narrow parking spots. Now if only there was a feature that could navigate the human traffic for Sunday brunch. And if you are stuck in a traffic jam? The C-HR offers the new brake hold feature, keeping the brakes engaged even when you take your foot off of the pedal. Pressing the gas will disengage the brakes and accelerate as usual.


3. A sense of style


Like a pair of the form-fitting athletic pants that made Vancouver’s fashion sense so iconic, the best cars for B.C. are both stylish and practical. They’ll offer the space you need for a comfortable ride (even with three friends in the back), plus a stylish body that stands out from the pack.

Rather than offering gratuitous interior upgrades on top of its already-sleek styling, the Toyota C-HR favours more practical luxuries. Even the base model is equipped with infotainment screens, plus high-end safety features that drivers will actually use—without the additional cost. The unique, high-set rear door handles flow with the aerodynamic profile of the car, giving it a coupe-like two-door aesthetic without sacrificing comfortable rear passenger room.


4. Mindful mileage

Given the high cost of living in B.C., it’s no surprise that British Columbians are conscious of price when it comes to getting around. Vancouver’s gas prices are the highest across Canada, so it’s no surprise that fuel-efficiency tops the list of must-haves for residents. But when it comes to securing an eco-friendly vehicle that will fit the B.C. lifestyle and budget, drivers will be surprised to find how affordable luxury can be.

At 8.11L per 100km, the Toyota C-HR is not only easier on wallets, but also gentler on the environment than typical SUV models. British Columbians will still always be sourcing the best cheap brunch in Vancouver (tip: it’s Bons Off Broadway), but it’s possible to save up for that luxury avocado toast if you’re significantly cutting back on gas.


5. Sharp handling


With mountains, forests and islands all within reach, our province is meant to be discovered. But anyone who’s driven the Coquihalla knows that adventure comes with a few twists and turns along the way. Our highways can be challenging to drive, and the journey feels a lot safer in a car that handles well in all conditions. The C-HR balances handling, control and comfort, ensuring that road trips are fun to drive no matter where you are in the province.

With safety features that will easily take you from the downtown city streets to your next weekend getaway, the C-HR is the perfect partner for roaming the best of B.C.