Cirque du Soleil's signature big top returns to town, with a special VIP offering not to be missed

Cirque du Soleil returns to Vancouver this fall! The contemporary circus troupe is bringing its latest touring production LUZIA to Vancouver from October 3rd to December 29th at Concord Pacific Place. A waking dream transports you to an imaginary Mexico with arresting artistry, death-defying acrobatics and creative, theatrical stage design. It's a moment-to-moment electrifying experience—and with too many reasons to count—here are just five why the show is a must-go...

1. The VIP experience

    VIPEnjoy exclusive treatment when you indulge in Cirque du Soleil’s MasterCard VIP Experience, the pinnacle of premium services. As a VIP guest, you will be provided complimentary reserved parking, plus tickets with optimum viewing from preferred seats—to be accessed through a dedicated entrance. Take in the pre-show reception and enjoy the privileges in the VIP suite, outfitted as a fully immersive LUZIA universe, a relaxed environment with Mexican-inspired hors d’oeuvres and an open bar featuring sparkling, wine and beer. The suite is also equipped with a private terrace, restrooms and cloakroom service.

    2. Local VIP cuisine

    FoodThe exclusive caterer for VIP ticket holders is Vancouver's Savoury Chef Foods. They're committed to using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients in every dish and create an array of gourmet finger foods, such as hot and cold canapés as well as a selection of decadent desserts. Be inspired and expect a unique interactive experience with their chef-attended station. The Mexican-inspired menu items remain under wraps for now, but think refined cuisine with a modern twist—sure to delight and excite everyone's palate.

    3. VIP intermission

    IntermissionIf you think the VIP Experience ends when the show starts, you're in for a big surprise! The enchantment continues during intermission in the VIP suite where you can take pleasure in divine sweets and once again take advantage of the open bar. No waiting in long lines for you! Prior to the second half, you'll receive a special show-inspired gift to commemorate your experience. Consider this one-of-a-kind event for a festive holiday outing with family, your favourite couples or a special date night for two.

      4. A magical story

      StoryInspired by the rich and vibrant Mexican culture, the production is a series of grand, visually stunning and musical wonders—taken from both tradition and modern times—that carries you on a journey through Mexico using light and rain themes: a "waking dream where light (luz in Spanish) quenches the spirit and rain (lluvia) soothes the soul." It's a little-known fact that "all 10,000 litres of water used during the performance are recycled for the entire duration of a stay in a given city."

      5. Amazing acrobatics and circus mastery

      AcroRich in awe-inspiring moments, LUZIA elevates circus disciplines to an entirely new level. You'll see world-class performance artists, such as aerialists undertaking mesmerizing and daring high flying acts, and Cyr wheel performers rolling and spinning in rain showers. Plus, acrobats and gymnasts will perform hoop diving, feats of strength, eclectic dance and skillful body contortion, not to mention the comic presence of puppeteers who embody and honour animals of Mexican traditions.

      For tickets or more information about LUZIA and the VIP Experience, please visit the MasterCard VIP Experience, or follow LUZIA on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.