Add a special touch to gift-giving decisions with these five creative tips

1. Go monochrome

Gift setOne of the easiest ways to make a gift look stunning is to go monochrome. Incorporating the recipient's favourite things is always a wonderful way to gift something personal, but take it one step further by collecting their favourite things in a monochrome colour palette to really elevate the overall aesthetic.

For added refinement, use an elegant gift box, rather than wrapping paper or a bag. This puts all your gorgeous finds on display upon opening, and maximizes a beautiful palette’s impact. (Your bestie knows you know her look, so when you find her favourite things and they match her favourite outfit, she’s going to love it!)

Here’s a cheat sheet for finding the perfect colour palette for your gift!

  • For the romantic: Sweet, blushing pinks, as seen here;
  • For the fashionista: Nude on nude, as seen here;
  • For the minimalist: Chic, soft greys, as seen here.

2. Pampered but practical

Key ringsBrighten up a friend’s day with a practical yet luxurious item. Wallets, keys and purses are used everyday. So, treating your friend to a beautiful item ensures they feel pampered and special every time they use it! A matching set of sweet accessories is so personal and will bring an extra sparkle to everything a giftee does.

3. Monogram-1, monogram, monogram

MonogramIs there anything more personal than incorporating the recipient's initials? We especially love monogram gifts for weddings. Registries—while practical—are also rather impersonal, especially with digital registries where you don’t even have a physical gift to wrap, it’s just going to show up on their doorstep! Convenience is lovely, but a touch of something to keep it personal holds great value. Present your favourite #couplegoals duo with a monogram gift. It’s wonderfully personal, and gives them a little surprise to unwrap in person.

GroomsmanBonus points if you incorporate an ampersand in a wedding gift! What better way to celebrate a blissful union than accentuating it with an elegant ampersand. Monogram-1s are also perfect as groomsmen or bridesmaids gifts, allowing you to keep things simple while still personal for each recipient.

4. Keep it local 

Bambino setLocal products are so much more unique, and come with a little extra special backstory. Gift a loved one something from a local company to demonstrate he or she is truly one of a kind. Did you know that Lark & Ives products are all designed in Vancouver?

5. DIY-1 it

DIYHandmade gifts go beyond projects you offered to Mom while in grade school! With all the DIY-1 projects out there, there are many elegant options. A personal favourite? This DIY-1 mood board. It’s perfect for those celebrating milestones in life, from starting a business or landing a big promotion, to engagements or a baby’s joyous arrival. A DIY-1 mood board can be tailored to a recipient's favourite colour palette, and then either left blank for them to fill, or covered in special pieces of encouragement and memories. It’s so simple and looks beautiful, showcasing visions for the future and treasured memories.