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Make a Red Wreath

Line a wreath frame with plastic, press soaked floral foam into the frame, and wrap with strips of plastic to...

Wrap a Gift for a Gardener

The simplicity of the paper is emphasized by the raffia tie and a tiny terra cotta pot with a touch of greenery. A perfect gift-wrapping option for the gardener in the family.

How to Grow a Garry Oak

Once upon a time two little girls collected some acorns and put them away in their sock drawer. The later result was quite a mess. So, rule number one for oak seeds: Plant them! When acorns ripen and fall between late August...

Weed Control

Annual invasive weeds such as common chickweed, shepherd's purse, lady's-thumb and common groundsel can be an endless nightmare for gardeners due to the overwhelming capacity of these plants to produce copious amounts of seeds. Over time the ground or surrounding...

Garry Oak Meadow Invaders to Watch For

Avoid planting and stop the spread of the following highly invasive plants near Garry oak trees or any other wild ecosystems throughout our province. To remove these invasives, before they set seed cut them down to the ground if they...

Mildew on lilacs

Powdery mildew is a fungal organism (Microsphaera spp.) that appears as a white powdery growth on the leaves of lilacs (Syringa vulgaris). The symptoms tend to get noticed in July on older leaves at the plant's base, and the fungus...

Maple Seed Drop

There is no hormone therapy available that would solve your maple problem. The best approach is to try the following: Ensure the maple is growing in a low-stress environment by ensuring adequate watering, mulching, proper soil depth, etc. Seedlings may appear...

Garry Oak Meadow Flowers

Victoria residents can help restore the Garry oak’s natural habitat by planting native meadow flowers. All these are zone-9 plants specific to Southern Vancouver Island’s Mediterranean climate. Other British Columbians can experience the bloom time of these beauties by planning...

Herb vinegars

Capture summer's sunshine and warmth by tucking your fall harvest into jars of vinegar. Not only are these infusions a fragrant addition to salad dressings, they are pretty as well - and welcome gifts! As shown, baby carrots, common sage,

Dividing Iris

Whether you are trying to increase their quantity or improve their general health, irises benefit from consistent divisions every few years. Iris vigour tends to wane over time if not divided.

Curing garlic

How you harvest and cure garlic is critical to how long it will last. Here is the method I use to harvest my garlic, one that has never let me down. You'll know it's time to harvest when the tops...

Cleaning green ponds

In any body of water that is not chemically treated, a biological process takes place where natural organics begin to grow. This is a healthy, natural process that you want to encourage in a water feature, and a large proportion...

Bird of paradise

If conditioned gradually, your bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae) can be left outdoors during the summer. This plant enjoys plenty of sun, so long as it doesn't get sunburned. Water and fertilize as needed, following the fertilizer label for suggested...

The Once-Mighty Garry Oak

When Victoria’s residents and visitors stroll through the city, few realize that among the lush green spaces they pass are some of the most endangered ecosystems in British Columbia, and indeed in Canada. Certainly, thickets half an acre or more...

Forcing bulbs for a whenever bloom

For those who just can't wait for spring-flowering bulbs to show their colours, here's how to force bulbs to bloom earlier.

Barberry Facts

A curiosity shared by all members of the barberry family is their “irritable” stamens. When touched with a pointed implement...

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