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Garden Edible

Johanna Pakendorf’s zest for the outdoors began on Bowen Island 10 years ago with the simple goal of keeping herself in shape. “I could have taken up running in the woods to keep my figure, but the garden also gave...

Troubleshooting with Conway Lum

When purchased in its original container, rooting hormone has an indefinite shelf life, but one should take steps to protect it from becoming contaminated. Plant cuttings, especially taken late in the season, inevitably become contaminated with fungal spores upon the...

Warm zucchini salad recipe

Slice a handful of freshly picked zucchini very thin. Sauté in 1 tbsp. (15 mL) each butter and olive oil for about 2 minutes. Add 1 peeled, seeded and chopped tomato. Stir-fry 1 minute; add 3 tbsp. (45 mL) heavy...

Red, White and Blue Salade Composée

In late summer, arrange leaves of Revolution (or other red) lettuce on a plate. Add sliced bocconcini rounds or goat cheese, strew with blueberries. Dressing: vinaigrette spiked with lime juice and a touch of maple syrup. Garnish with borage flowers.

White magic

While no garden could be complete without several clumps of undemanding snowdrops, other white flowering bulbs are also well worth exploring.

Buying long-lasting poinsettias

When shopping for a poinsettia this season, use these pointers to help you find one that'll last through the holidays.

Winter Containers

Fill winter containers with unusual hardy plants and blubs such as fritillaria, allium, anemones, phormiums, ivy and hellebores. Instead, create intriguing combinations by varying plant size, colour and texture. A winter container doesn’t have to be the standard mix of pansies...

Gorgeous Goldenrod

This species of goldenrod grows as a robust tall perennial. Its long creeping rhizome (root-stem) with fibrous roots explores the soil just below the surface.

Seed-Saving Tips

• For vegetables, select plants with traits such as high yield, good size, early ripening, or best flavour. • For flowers, choose plants that display the best vigour, beauty, colour or fragrance. • Save only open-pollinated seeds and allow plenty of space...

Easy-to-grow Shrubs: Viburnum

There is a genus of over 150 different shrubs that seems to be overlooked by the majority of gardeners. But Viburnum are (extremely) easy-to-grow shrubs that deserve some space in the home garden.

Orchids: Hydroponic by nature

There are few things more magnificent than an orchid. In the rainforests of South America and other tropical areas, orchids...

Decorative Grasses

At the Aalsmeer Flower Market in Holland, grass is being scooped up by florists who are tucking the plants into arrangements to introduce a fluid and natural look. Even the most basic arrangement can benefit from a few wisps of...

Seeding Our Heritage

Although I can hardly trace my own roots further back than my grandmother, I can grow peas from a seed whose history can be traced back to the year 1898 – thanks to the efforts of those who preserve the...

Terrarium treasure

This club moss (spikemoss) is a close cousin of other spore-bearing plants, such as horsetails, ferns and mosses. Use this...

New Plant Introductions

The 2003 winners: Ornamental Millet ‘Purple Majesty’ (1) This cultivar of Pennisetum glaucum grows to a height of up to 1.5 metres, and has leaves that resemble purple corn stalks. Dianthus ‘Can Can Scarlet’ (2) This is one of...

Perennial Bulbs

In Europe, an annual Bulb of the Year election takes place in various countries. In North America, the comparable award is the Best of the Best, a collection of 10 bulbs within a specific category, voted on by a group...

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