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Mock Orange: B.C.'s Native Hydrangea

Botanical scents are everywhere these days - in shampoos, in soaps, in air fresheners. Yet there is still little that...

Last Chance! 8 Veggies to Sow Now

Winter vegetables? Winter is likely the furthest thing from your mind as you wander among the lush rows of lettuce...

Marvellous mallow

The Malvaceae (mallow) family has always held a soft spot in my heart, as it conjures up misty visions of...

Dodecatheon: beautiful wildflower, threatened species

In 1762, when Captain George Vancouver first saw the island that now bears his name, he wrote in his journal...

Splendour in the Grass

Nature buzzes along, fed by the warmth and rain, and it's time to mow the lawn again. Before you haul out the weed-whacker, consider this: various life stages of spiders, ladybugs, ground (black) beetles and lacewings, with big appetites for...


The botanical name for spinach is Spinacia oleracea. Spinacia comes from the Latin word for spine and refers to the prickly seed coat. The species name, oleracea, refers to a plant that is edible. True spinach has varying leaf shapes...

Connecticut King

Lilium 'Connecticut King' has been the top commercial yellow lily since its introduction in 1967. A famous cut flower, garden plant and parent of notable offspring, it features upward-facing, clear-yellow blossoms atop one-metre stems. 'Connecticut King' is an Asiatic hybrid...

The zero-budget garden

We all do it - we all take trips to our favourite nursery just to look around. What starts out...

Penstemons in the late summer garden

After the euphoria of high summer has faded, there is often an awkward pause in the garden. Many plants, their...

Euphorbia Alert

Euphorbias are hardy, easy, popular, and… poisonous! A word to the wise gardener: Avoid pruning Euphorbia. If you must prune, exercise extreme caution: wear sturdy gloves, and never get the sap in your eyes; the milky-white liquid can cause...

Pretty as a…Petunia

The spreading-petunia market just got hotter! The Explorer series is a new introduction from Sakata Seed and will continue to flower even under the short days of fall. Explorer petunias have a flower size of about five to 7.5 centimetres...

Wild peas

All of the peas we eat today are the result of 10,000 years of human selection, connecting us firmly with ancient farmers.

Lawn Care: Green Strategies for Managing the European Chafer Beetle

This insect spends most of its life cycle as a grub (immature form) feeding on grass roots. Higher numbers of...

The balanced pond

While there are many enjoyable aspects to water gardening, battling that dreaded green water caused by algae formation isn’t one...

Seed collecting

Seed collecting is a great means of increasing the number of desired plants from year to year, as well as perpetuating certain heirloom varieties. It is a relatively easy concept, but it does require a bit of botanical knowledge. There...

Water Lily Blooms

The water lily can be an elusive bloomer, so here are a few ideas to maximize your chances of a spectacular show.

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