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Gaultheria Mucronata

Gaultheria mucronata produces a mass of lilac-coloured, blueberry-sized globes that persist through winter in the Pacific Northwest. Various texts claim...

Moss Campion

Here and there are spots of bright mountain harebell (Campanula lasiocarpa), a dash of yellow groundsel (Senecio) and splash of...

Buff up your birdbath

In addition to periods of drought, birds particularly benefit from a well-maintained and freshly-filled birdbath during cold spells. They stay...

Onion, Leek and Kale Soup Recipe

Sheena Adams shares her deliciously warming recipe for onion, leek and kale soup.

10 “Wow” Plants for the Chilly Season

Horticulturist Sheena Adams recommends 10 fantastic shrubs that will do double-duty in your garden, providing year-round colour as well as...

Fresh from the garden: Holiday Wreaths

Every year, the UBC Botanical Garden's volunteers assemble hundreds of stunning wreaths to celebrate the festive season.

Orchid Care

The most commonly available orchids, in the genus Phalaenopsis, are called moth orchids. Usually sold in bloom, the flowering time...

Garden Makeover: Kitsilano Heritage House

Before The front yard lacked character and purpose, and the split-level backyard, with poorly maintained grass and a dank, mossy and...

What about this “Oregon grape”?

When is an Oregon grape not an Oregon grape? When it’s from China! Mahonia x media ‘Charity’ is an exotic...

Royal Roads Garden

The university’s lease charges Royal Roads with educating the public about the site as well as maintaining and preserving the...

Container Design: Rosemary

Take this idea of melding herbs and formality one step further and you have the knot garden: the weaving of...

Make a Holiday Wreath

What You Need:size="4"> Metal or plastic wreath ring, wreath wrap and florist string (not cheap, but doesn’t slip) – all available...

How to Make Bird Suet

Providing a winter treat high in fat and calories is an excellent way to give birds the extra energy they...

Fragrant Garden Planting Plan

Plant this garden in fall before hard frost to fill your summer with unforgettable scents.

Common Rush

Common rush is an erect, tussock-forming perennial herb of the rush family (Juncaceae). Several to many green knitting needles stand...

Green Manures: Which Cover Crops to Grow

Green manure and cover crops are vital to the success and sustainability of any garden.

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