Cut Through the Dining Doldrums
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Eating simple, healthy meals doesn't have to be boring. No more plain baked chicken and plain salad.

Plant Companions: Mint Around Your Plum Tree

Growing mint near plum trees keeps ants at bay, allowing ladybugs to move in and gobble up aphids.

A rhubarb and asparagus bed

Both plants are lovers of enriched, well-drained soil, so I heavily amended the soil with compost, leaf mould and fish...

Vegetable garden experiments

Organic expert Sheena Adams shares some of her favourite seeds for the vegetable garden after experimenting with vegetables she'd never...

Landscape Company Brings Emerging Hope to Those Dealing with Poverty

Working in outreach at the Avalon Women’s Centre in Kerrisdale and “holding hands with a number of families on the...

Controlling invasive plants and pests

The volume and speed at which people and trade goods move between and within countries continues to increase every year.

Plants for Tiny Gardens

Use these tried and true choices to create an easy but oh-so-elegant entrance bed, a pint-sized woodland retreat or a...

Invasive alien species - Slideshow

Related Stories: Prevention and Early Detection are Key to Controlling Invasive Plants and Pests PHOTOS courtesy of Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada; BCMAFF:...

Common Sense Ecosystem Ponds

Unlike the leaky, high-maintenance water features of old, today’s ecosystem ponds use a blend of high-tech techniques and common sense...

Minimizing the Risk of Sudden Oak Death

In some plants it's deadly, in many it may be nothing more than a few dots on a leaf. As...

Ensure Your Landscape Professional Meets the B.C. Landscape Standards

The two parts of any landscape installation are hardscaping and softscaping. Hardscaping refers to items such as drainage, grading, irrigation,

Get an Early Start on Your Planting

Fill a length of old gutter with a mixture of potting soil and organic fertilizer. Plant seeds according to the...

Mountain High

Wandering the starkly beautiful high alpine of British Columbia’s mountains, it is hard to believe that some of the tough...

Care and Cultivation of Heucheras

Most heucheras will thrive in any moist, well-drained soil, although they are less successful in heavy clay. In our climate...

Tiarellas and Other Relatives

Close relatives of heucheras, tiarellas, also known as foamflowers, are more delicate in every way.

Foliage divas

New hybrids of heucheras offer year-round leaf colour in shades of purple, chartreuse, orange and raspberry.

Beat Those Winter Blues with Hydroponics

Year-round hydroponic planting can have you thinking of sunshine on cold and dark days.

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