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Rosy Prospect

Roses always seem to be in a class by themselves. While there are a lot of shrub families available to...

Gracing the Garden

I have my eye on a birdbath. It’s not at all like the basic pedestal-and-bowl one I remember in my...

Moving Up!

Climbing vines can add an exciting dimension or layer to any garden, even the tiniest. Gardeners with small spaces just...

Better Berries

Best not to pile store-bought, “U-Pick” or garden-harvested berries from your garden on top of one another or they’ll be...

Hawaii’s Horticultural Showcase

It’s noisy on the corner of Vineyard Boulevard and Nuuanu Avenue in downtown Honolulu. The surfer-laden waves of Waikiki and...

Summer patio container gardening

Take delight in the charming effect of containers on patios, decks and summer outdoor spaces.

Word to Wise Waterers

Improper or inefficient watering damages lawns and depletes water supplies; in high summer without rain your lawn only requires...

The Missing Link?

For 10,000 years humans have domesticated and farmed food plants; replaced over the past 70 years by an agribusiness model,

Hot Pots for a Dramatic Touch

Whether you're out of room in your garden or only have a balcony for space, container gardening is a great...

New Zealand wonders

Add a dramatic dash of the exotic to your garden, using grasses, hebes, phormiums and delphiniums from down under.

How My Garden Nurtured Me

Gardens are the clearest image I have after my husband’s sudden death. In autumn, friends led me through public and...

Easy Shrub Roses

There is a whole class of gorgeous shrub roses tough enough to stand up to neglect and bitter cold.

Slender Toothwort

Slender toothwort is notably well mannered in the garden and mostly stays where it is put, a real plus for...

Rhubarb Aphid/fungus Spray

Make this aphid-repellent for non-edible plants in the garden using the poisonous leaves of rhubarb.

Glacial Rock Dust

A late-summer application will help to prepare plants for winter as it helps protect plants from early and hard frosts.

How to stake and support plants

Some plants require more support than others. Learn how to stake and support plants.

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