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Daylily Delights

On the other hand, daylilies, or Hemerocallis as they are known botanically, are superb plants for water-wise gardening. And there...

The Camellia

Likely everyone in the Pacific Northwest is familiar with the camellia shrub. Camellias bloom in the early part of the...

Hampton Court Palace Gardens

Anthony Boulder has a big backyard - trouble is, he has to share it with 500,000 people every year. The...

Double Up Planting Pots

To ensure they can be moved in winter, try planting your plant in a lightweight 19 L (5 gal.) plastic...

Container Designs: Patio Salad Bowl

A container of salad-bowl veggies makes an attractive addition to the patio, and a useful source for the kitchen.

Golden Feverfew

The strong chrysanthemum-like scent of both the flowers and foliage thwarts marauding deer, and the plant is reliably disease and...

The garden pharmacy

Expert advice on creating a medicinal herb garden, plus a simple recipe for a soothing herbal salve.

Japanese Painted Fern

While the fern's silver-grey fronds, with undertones of red and steel blue, add their own touch of drama to the...

The Romantic Camellia

I feel perfectly sure that everyone in this part of the world is familiar with the camellia shrub, and what...

Healthy Gardening

Few things in life bring as much joy as time spent in the garden. Perhaps it’s the basic nurturing aspect...

12 luscious Lilacs

Heavenly scent and gorgeous abundant blooms make this group of hardy trees and shrubs an enduring favourite in B.C. gardens...

Blue Cerinthe

Also known as blue shrimp flower and blue honeywort, the Blue Cerinthe is particularly suitable for gardens in the Pacific...

Create a rose plant booster mix

Elaine Senft shares the recipe for her signature rose booster mix.

Alnwick Garden

At the end of the 19th century the gardens were at their best with yew hedges in topiary, a double...

Grow a Row for the Food Bank

Families across BC dependent on food banks to provide vegetables for their table. Why not reserve some garden space to...

Glory Lily

This exotic plant, originally found in wooded regions near rivers in Africa and India, requires lots of light, but won't...

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