For Hollywood North’s crew of filmmakers and art directors, Vancouver is a gold mine for second-hand shopping

Vancouver has served as the backdrop for major films like Deadpool, Elf and Twilight. But Hollywood North is a popular filming destination for more than just its scenic views and stunning architecture. Thanks to its abundance of antique stores as well as online listings by vintage connoisseurs around the Lower Mainland, the city’s second-hand economy is a treasure trove for creatives in B.C.’s film and television industry.

Vancouver-based art directors William MacDonald and Robin Tilby often find themselves hunting for items in antique shops, as well on Kijiji, to bring their sets to life. The two share their tactics in an episode of Kijiji’s Second-Hand Van web series, titled “Lights, Camera, Art Direction”.

Kijiji has proven to be a helpful aide when searching for more unique items for certain film projects. “You kind of have to have somebody at a computer, refreshing constantly, because there’s new things all the time,” says Tilby.


Lights, Camera, Art Direction


This summer, take a cue from the experts and direct the visual concept of your home with locally-sourced, vintage decor pieces. Inspired by well-known films shot in Vancouver, here are some items that are sure to inspire cinematic magic in your living space.


1. Vintage Globe (Night at the Museum)


This fascinating trilogy about an ancient spell that animates figures at the American Museum of Natural History was shot at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Engage your geographical curiosities with an antique world globe to display in your abode. As you give it a spin, you can revisit your previous travels and daydream about new destinations to explore.


2. Festoon Lights (Twilight)


Responsible for sparking the vampire phenomenon, the supernatural teen romance series Twilight fed off of the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest’s forests throughout its equally popular film saga. Make your home dazzles by adorning your space with festoon lights. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, these retro lights are coming back in style and are perfect for illuminating your home’s atmosphere all season long.


3. Faux Throws (Jumanji)


You don’t have to roll the dice and unleash a stampede in order to bring the safari into your home. Release the jungle fever in your living room with an animal print blanket or a fur throw, both of which you can cozy up with during those cool summer nights.


4. Old-fashioned Telephone (Juno)


One of Juno’s personal possessions, a novelty phone in the shape of a hamburger, illustrated the character’s unique and quirky nature. Add a touch of personality to your own home and throw back to a time before smartphones with an old-fashioned telephone. Likewise, a vintage typewriter or camera adds a classic, industrial note to your modern home.


5. Comic Book Posters and Paraphernalia (Fantastic Four)


Before Deadpool, there was Fantastic Four, the 2005 live-action Marvel film that was also filmed here in Vancouver. Cement your status as a superhero aficionado by assembling a collection of comic book memorabilia. Beyond framing rare editions of comics from the Golden, Silver, and Bronze ages, you can adorn your shelves with retro lunch boxes, action figures and posters. Not only will your space be given a graphic pop, but vintage merchandise serves as an excellent conversation starter.


6. Neon Signs (Tron: Legacy)

Neon Sign

The visually-stunning futuristic sci-fi film explores the endless possibilities of computer technology and virtual reality, and what better filming location is there than the growing tech hub of Vancouver? Showcase the glowing future of our interconnected world with a throwback neon illuminated wall sign.


As Canada’s largest classifieds website, Kijiji is a bonafide leader in the buy and sell marketplace and is invested in supporting Vancouver's second-hand economy. Scan their site or app today and see what vintage Hollywood North treasures await you.