Credit: iStock / Miranda1066

This morning, I had a beautiful ride to work, and I’m looking forward to a nice one home as well.

Inspired by my bike commutes along Vancouver’s well-tended bike paths, I just thought I’d share a few things I love:

1.    Public water fountains – There’s one on Central Valley Greenway at about the mid-way point of my ride, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to see it every day. Hooray, for clean, safe, delicious (and free!) public water!

2.    Drivers – In the past, I’ve had terrible luck with irresponsible drivers who don’t understand the rules of the road in relation to bike traffic. Not so this week; I’ve been greeted by nothing but kindness and smiles as drivers politely allow me the right of way when crossing busy streets via the bike routes. Kudos, cars!

3.    Green space – Beautiful and interesting plants comprise the wallpaper of my bike commute thanks to the city’s talented Parks department staff, whom I see every morning on the way to work.

4.    Gardens – Further to that point, I’m constantly impressed by the collection of outstanding gardens I see at private homes along my way. Very inspiring to a newbie gardener like myself. And a welcome burst of colour for those rainy day commutes.

5.    Bike brotherhood – I feel like I’ve been initiated into the Brotherhood of Brave Cycling Souls now that I’ve been riding to work regularly. This is a group of no-nonsense this-is-our-road-so-get-the-heck-out-of-the-way diehard riders who compel us all to ride harder and faster—and follow the rules. I must thank them for the friendly competition they provide, making me pump my legs faster to keep up.

6.    Recumbent bike dudes – The exclusive bike for the middle-aged man has got to be the most comfy looking ride around. I love catching those brief moments when two of these guys meet and do the whole nod-because-we-have-the-same-hobby-fascination-with-gadgets-on-wheels. Man alive, I want to try one of those bikes!

If you’re participating in Bike to Work Week this week, be sure to check out the free wrap-up BBQ on Friday evening, 4–7 p.m.

And be sure to log your miles so you can be entered to win the bike-a-day giveaway.