The Organic Gardener, Sheena Adams, shares her top six seed-starting tips.

Six seed-starting tips

1. Add 10 percent ground fine corncobs to your seed-starting soil to increase germination and produce a stronger plant. As the meal breaks down, it ties up excess nitrogen, preventing premature growth in young seedlings. 2. When watering be sure to use a spray bottle or mist nozzle so as not to damage young seedlings. 3. For extra heat use a heating cable with thermostat set at 21° C, or use a seedling warmer mat. 4. To reduce disease, use only fresh sterilized soil when starting seeds. 5. If your seedlings are long and leggy, provide extra light. There are many grow lights designed for household lamps that will do the trick. 6. Use a gentle fan to add air movement; this will reduce damping off, as well as create a stronger stem.