Cut Through the Dining Doldrums
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Eating simple, healthy meals doesn't have to be boring. No more plain baked chicken and plain salad.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere

To store any early-ripening pumpkins for the Halloween celebration, simply wash them down with a damp cloth, then dry completely...

Pacific Willow

Handsome and fast-growing, willow can also restore damaged soil and fight back invasive weeds.

Mix Fall Slow-Feed Tree Fertilizer

The focus of this feeding is to improve the plant's winter hardiness and develop a strong root system - you...

Cook Fresh Herb Roasted Potatoes

• 6 medium-sized potatoes, any kind or a mixture (recommended are Russian Blue, Banana Fingerling or Yukon Gold) • 1 tsp.

Create Leaf Mould & Leaf Mould Tea

Applied in early winter, leaf mould enriches the soil with nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms.

Edible Plants

Start browsing now through the edible-ornamental possibilities for your summer garden.

8 Great Late Bloomers

The waning days of summer present a plethora of gorgeous blooms, including these eight delightful choices suitable for a wide...

Echium wildpretti

An interesting - and very dramatic - plant has begun to appear in our gardens. I refer to Echium wildpretii.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

In September, the garden - an ash dump in the late 1800s - is celebrating the 90th anniversary of its...

Invasive Plants

Among the worst of the perennial invasive plants is purple loosestrife which destroys wetland nesting and feeding sites. Other big...

Boosting Tomato & Strawberry Plants with Red

You can give tomato and strawberry plants a boost with a good dose of ... colour!


The Perennial Plant Association gave the title to the rhizomatous plant that bears flowers across a range of colours including...

How to Dry Herbs: Rosemary, Lavender and Sage

Drying herbs gives your kitchen the ambiance of a Medieval apothecary, and their botanical names hint at this ancient history.

Garden Makeover: From Slippery Slope to Sensational

Check out this extreme makeover by Ruth Olde of Blasig Landscape Design – on a suburban lot that was “difficult...

Fabulous Fatsia Shrubs

Strong architectural foliage makes Fatsia japonica a superb evergreen shrub for patio or townhouse gardens, where every plant is subject...

How to use comfrey in the garden

Comfrey not only helps to break down the compost heap, but can also provide many nutrients to the garden.

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