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Herb vinegars

Capture summer's sunshine and warmth by tucking your fall harvest into jars of vinegar. Not only are these infusions a...

Dividing Iris

Whether you are trying to increase their quantity or improve their general health, irises benefit from consistent divisions every few...

Curing garlic

How you harvest and cure garlic is critical to how long it will last. Here is the method I use...

Cleaning green ponds

In any body of water that is not chemically treated, a biological process takes place where natural organics begin to...

Bird of paradise

If conditioned gradually, your bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginae) can be left outdoors during the summer. This plant enjoys plenty...

The Once-Mighty Garry Oak

When Victoria’s residents and visitors stroll through the city, few realize that among the lush green spaces they pass are...

Forcing bulbs for a whenever bloom

For those who just can't wait for spring-flowering bulbs to show their colours, here's how to force bulbs to bloom...

Barberry Facts

Tips on growing barberry shrubs in your garden.

Canning the harvest

My childhood home in Burnaby had a cool room in the basement, with a small square hole to the outside.

Return of the Barberry

Once banned in Canada, barberries are making a comeback among B.C. gardeners smitten with their stunning variety of flowers, foliage...

How Invasive Plants are Destroying our Eco-systems

“The creep of invasive alien plants across the B.C. landscape represents a disaster approaching the level of the pine beetles...

How to can tomatoes

Be sure to use the best, freshest tomatoes you can for this recipe for canning tomatoes.

Historical Herbs

Drying herbs gives your kitchen the ambience of a Medieval apothecary, and their botanical names hint at this ancient history.

Lovely lemon Balm

Lovely lemon balm is easy to grow in your own herb patch.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere

To store any early-ripening pumpkins for the Halloween celebration, simply wash them down with a damp cloth, then dry completely...

Pacific Willow

Handsome and fast-growing, willow can also restore damaged soil and fight back invasive weeds.

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