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Cornelian Cherry

This cold-hardy tree offers more than just pretty blossoms.

Container drainage

Intuitively, it seems that it should, but it can have the opposite effect. A movie seen in my student days...

Rejuvenating Amaryllis blooms

What to do when a Christmas amaryllis gift no longer blooms.

Path remedy

You need something that will take the weight of high traffic and provide good drainage. If you live in an...

Garden Companions

You are absolutely right - tomatoes love to be planted near carrots, as the carrots' ferny foliage helps to repel...

Patio containers

The only limitation to keeping colour on the patio all year is the size and number of your containers! There...

Potted grasses

"Can I grow miscanthus in a container or it is too big? My neighbour has one growing in their garden...

Community Gardens: Patches of Heaven

Community gardens throughout the province provide urban dwellers with a chance to indulge their green thumbs.

Wild Mint

Bring home the wonderfully refreshing scent of this useful native perennial and enjoy its easy-to-grow beauty, too.

6 seed-starting tips

The Organic Gardener, Sheena Adams, shares her top six seed-starting tips.

Damping Off Solution

• 500 mL water • Small handful chamomile leaves and flowers • 1 spray bottle Boil together water and chamomile for 5 minutes.

Boost Garden Soil With Additives From the Sea

There are many gifts from the sea that make excellent additives to our gardens, as they contribute organic matter, nutrients,

15 Gourmet Baby Vegetables for your Garden

Learn how to grow tasty, tender baby veggies in your backyard.

Tips on Tree Health

Recognizing and reducing tree hazards not only increases the safety of your property and that of your neighbours, but also...

Spring Sunflowers

You can also see this prolific native on the subalpine plateaus of the Chilcotin. It is sheer delight to experience...

Weeping Willow Wonders

As with all willows, plants are either male or female. Flowers cluster in fuzzy bundles; botanically speaking, these are called...

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