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The Perfect Greenhouse

For many gardeners, having a greenhouse would be a dream come true. Imagine extending the growing season by several months...

How to make herb-infused oil

Coveted by gourmets, flavoured oils can be used in place of regular oil in almost any recipe. When placed in...

Japanese Maples Suitable For Smaller Gardens

Read on for Acer palmatum cultivars that Douglas Justice recommends for smaller B.C. gardens.

Fall Troubleshooting

Gardening expert Conway Lum on fall lawn care and tent caterpillars in B.C.

Garden Makeover: A long, narrow passageway

Ruth Olde, of Blasig Landscape Design Construction Ltd., was faced with a challenge: A long, narrow passageway on the north...

For Love of Maples

These days there is a tendency among garden writers to champion smaller trees. I admit I’ve advocated on behalf of...

Seaside Splendour: Secret Garden on Vancouver Island

From the study in Pauline Watkins’ Vancouver Island home, windows look out on three rewarding vistas: to the west...

Rosemary Garlic Pumpkin Seeds

For a tasty and healthy treat, make some rosemary garlic pumpkin seeds.

Planting Peas in September

Winter peas are often sown by farmers as an overwintering “cover” (green manure) crop.

Gorgeous Gerbera

However, these lovely cut flowers are extremely sensitive to bacterial blockage of stems. Counteract this by changing the water every...

Building the Perfect Greenhouse

From modest window units to prefab glass houses, here's how to select the right greenhouse for your growing needs.

Cardoon: The Friendly Giant

Most of us are familiar with the globe artichoke or Cynara scolymus, with its bud containing the “artichoke heart.” Cynara...

Zucchini Flower Feast

Tired of eating zucchini? Try dining on the flowers.

Mock Orange: B.C.'s Native Hydrangea

The native shrub mock orange has long captivated gardeners with its heady fragrance and showy blooms.

Last Chance! 8 Veggies to Sow Now

These winter harvest vegetables will keep you rich in nutrients all year.

Marvellous mallow

A diverse family of old-fashioned favourites includes several summer-bloomers ideal for B.C. gardens.

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