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Floppy seedlings

There may be several reasons for leggy seedlings. 1. Air temperature is too high. Warm temperatures are ideal for germination,


Sowbugs, or pillbugs as they are sometimes called, are a common complaint of gardeners. They are not true insects, but...

Mystery mushroom

This is definitely Amanita muscari (highly poisonous!). There are a few populations of it on the west side of Vancouver.

Prepare Root Vegetable Crops for Storage

While preparing your crops for storage, discard any diseased, damaged or immature roots, as there is no point in storing...

Grow Gourmet Garlic in a Container

Garlic is a staple in any herb or kitchen garden, but not everyone knows that you can grow it in...

Fantastic Dieramas

Apart from the pleasure of their presence, other benefits birds confer on us sometimes go unremarked – until one comes...

A potted hyacinth for winter

Nothing beats the fresh spring-like fragrance of a hyacinth in winter.

Ornamental grasses: Chasmanthium latifolium

While many ornamental grasses are great for fresh or dried arrangements, Chasmanthium latifolium is among the best.

Maximizing Root Vegetable Crops

Soil for root crops should be light with good drainage. If your soil is heavy, consider shorter-growing cultivars when purchasing...

Plant a Shade and Sun Border

Iris sibirica ‘Butter and Sugar’; right: Penstemon ‘Sour Grapes’; left: Hosta ‘Minuteman’

A Drift of Thrift

Near the beginning of the alphabet you will likely encounter a reliable and colourful native, the sea-pink, or thrift (Armeria...

Made for the Shade: Shade-loving Plants

David Tarrant offers his favourite shrubs and perennials to enhance those shady areas of your home garden.

Rhodos Rediscovered

However, had he wandered into the village and chanced upon the property owned by George Fraser, he would likely have...

Join a Garden Club!

There are over 130 clubs in B.C., ranging from a focus on specific plants to general gardening. For information, contact...

Those wonderful wasps in your garden

Gardeners know the benefits of bees pollinating flowers and improving fruit crops, but many neglect their cousins, the wasps, who...

Native BC Plants and Your Garden

Want to learn more about incorporating native species into your garden? This handy Q&A offers a good primer on water...

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