Cut Through the Dining Doldrums
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Eating simple, healthy meals doesn't have to be boring. No more plain baked chicken and plain salad.

Beekeeping: A history in honey

Beekeeping is great for the garden, and the golden harvest is ambrosial.

Pond pump primer

Most likely what you are referring to is the submersible sump pump that you are using in your pond. Submersible...

Flower seeds you can start this month (in a greenhouse)

In January and February, your local garden centre will have the latest seeds in stock, with each company showcasing their...

Garden of Eating

Michael Campbell grew up on the east side of Vancouver, surrounded by ethnically diverse food gardens. He trained as an...

Invasion of the Tent Caterpillars

Our tallest alders, some 20 metres high, have been barraged with hundreds of these tents, each one seething with 100...

Natural Wonder

There are many reasons to garden with native plants and even more ways to go about it. Some people dedicate...

A garden designed for bees and butterflies

A magnet for bees and butterflies, this garden has long-lasting colour.

Sweet Viola

Called “forward” by Shakespeare for blooming early, violets have been loved and cultivated by humans since 400 BC. In The...

Sprinker Tune-Up

Here are seven tips from Rain Bird to help get your irrigation system ready for another season of watering. •...

Pest-Resistant Bulbs

Deer and squirrels consider tulips a tasty treat – and crocuses are pretty high on the list of delicacies too.

Designing and Installing a Waterfall

Designing and installing a waterfall is easy, with or without a pond. Val Adolph gives us the 1-2-3.

Weeds in Pavers

Q: I resurfaced my large driveway with interlocking pavers a number of years ago. Ever since then I have been...

Floppy seedlings

There may be several reasons for leggy seedlings. 1. Air temperature is too high. Warm temperatures are ideal for germination,


Sowbugs, or pillbugs as they are sometimes called, are a common complaint of gardeners. They are not true insects, but...

Mystery mushroom

This is definitely Amanita muscari (highly poisonous!). There are a few populations of it on the west side of Vancouver.

Prepare Root Vegetable Crops for Storage

While preparing your crops for storage, discard any diseased, damaged or immature roots, as there is no point in storing...

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