Cut Through the Dining Doldrums
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Eating simple, healthy meals doesn't have to be boring. No more plain baked chicken and plain salad.

Lemon & Garlic Chicken with Citrus Gravy

. Serve with rice or potatoes, alongside a mixed green salad, and you are ready to enjoy. Serves 4. •...

Make Organic Homemade Citrus Plant Food

Grow healthy citrus fruit using this great organic DIY plant food recipe.

Grow a holiday herb garden in a container

Instead of the usual dried herbs for holiday meals, try growing your own in a container this year, and use...

Grow Citrus Plants Indoors

Indoor landscaping, also called interior plantscaping, with dwarf citrus plants is a growing trend, not only decorating the home but...

Hydroponic Planting

Plenty of garden ideas but nowhere to plant? Hydroponics offers a soil-less alternative for condo dwellers strapped for space. An...

Create Unique Holiday Wreaths

Try These Wreaths Pink Carnation Wreath Pomegranate Wreath Vintage Bell Wreath Before starting, assemble your materials, including a selection of decorations that reflect the...

Helleborus x Nigercors

Is there anything more exciting, I wonder, more challenging and certainly more rewarding, than the creation of a winter garden...

The inconspicuous sweet gale

Happy in sun or shade, this shrub grows well in damp spots and its sweet-spicy leaves are surprisingly useful.

Plants for the Cold

These sturdy choices withstand winter's chill and are ideal for B.C.'s northern gardens.

Christmas Rose

The phrase "from sea to sea" carries an special meaning when applied to our own horticultural and botanical aspirations -...

Organic Gardening from the North Shore

Park and Tilford Gardens, North Vancouver, B.C. The annual North Shore Natural Gardens Tour promotes the importance of good horticultural practices,

Turkish Hazel

What to do when you're stuck in the ground and it's time to find a mating partner? Turkish hazel trees...

Pruning: a question of timing

When tidying the garden it's wise to take a few moments to consider each plant's life cycle.

Make a Red Wreath

Create your own version of this striking, monochromatic wreath with some favourite berries.

Wrap a Gift for a Gardener

The simplicity of the paper is emphasized by the raffia tie and a tiny terra cotta pot with a touch...

How to Grow a Garry Oak

Once upon a time two little girls collected some acorns and put them away in their sock drawer. The later...

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