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Clematis in Hanging Baskets

Be sure to use a minimum 30-centimetre basket. Many varieties of clematis will work, but the key to finding one...

Easter egg radishes

The secret to growing radishes is to plant just a few feet frequently in soil that has not been "fussed"...

Yellow Pine Tolerance

Yellow pine or Ponderosa pine should have no trouble surviving Alberta winters. The range of Ponderosa pine is very large,

Glacier Lily

Glacier lily, a member of the lily family (Liliaceae), is a bulbous perennial growing 15 to 30 centimetres tall. It...

Vancouver Island Gardens

At the Tofino Botanical Gardens, boardwalks move visitors through five hectares of garden, forest and shoreline, while granite rocks line...

Pot an Amaryllis

To grow in soil: In a pot or container barely larger in circumference than the bulb itself, plant the bulb...


The artemisias are a group of shrubs, or sub-shrubs, grown mainly for their fern-like, silvery foliage, which, in some cases,

Great Plant Picks for the Pacific Northwest

The Great Plant Picks program's annual selection includes trees, shrubs and perennials perfectly suited for Pacific Northwest gardens.

Spring Gifts: Potted Plants

Take a pot, old or new, fill it with potting mix and place a spring bulb - or a handful...

Springtime Blues: Blue Flowers

Ever-cheery Scilla siberica and other early spring bulbs blanket the ground in beautiful blue.

Novitiate Garden at St. Ann's Academy

PLANTS OF VIRTUE After completing her two-year novitiate studies, a Sister takes vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. I represented...

Youth Development Through 4-H

Originally developed to help rural youth gain knowledge and experience in management, organization, life skills and leadership through agricultural pursuits,

Clean water on the farm

An abundant supply of clean water is of critical importance to agriculture and to farm families. Good-quality fresh water is...

Cornelian Cherry

This cold-hardy tree offers more than just pretty blossoms.

Container drainage

Intuitively, it seems that it should, but it can have the opposite effect. A movie seen in my student days...

Rejuvenating Amaryllis blooms

What to do when a Christmas amaryllis gift no longer blooms.

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