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Buying long-lasting poinsettias

When shopping for a poinsettia this season, use these pointers to help you find one that'll last through the holidays.

Winter Containers

Fill winter containers with unusual hardy plants and blubs such as fritillaria, allium, anemones, phormiums, ivy and hellebores. Instead, create intriguing...

Gorgeous Goldenrod

This species of goldenrod grows as a robust tall perennial. Its long creeping rhizome (root-stem) with fibrous roots explores the...

Seed-Saving Tips

• For vegetables, select plants with traits such as high yield, good size, early ripening, or best flavour. • For flowers,

Easy-to-grow Shrubs: Viburnum

There is a genus of over 150 different shrubs that seems to be overlooked by the majority of gardeners. But...

Orchids: Hydroponic by nature

A native of moss-covered rocks of the tropical rainforests, magnificent orchids grow hydroponically, naturally.

Decorative Grasses

At the Aalsmeer Flower Market in Holland, grass is being scooped up by florists who are tucking the plants into...

Seeding Our Heritage

Although I can hardly trace my own roots further back than my grandmother, I can grow peas from a seed...

Terrarium treasure

Often mistaken for a fern, or sometimes a moss, Selaginella kraussiana falls somewhere in between.

New Plant Introductions

The 2003 winners: Ornamental Millet ‘Purple Majesty’ (1) This cultivar of Pennisetum glaucum grows to a height of up...

Perennial Bulbs

In Europe, an annual Bulb of the Year election takes place in various countries. In North America, the comparable award...

Put your garden to bed in the fall

Now's the time to tend to the matters that need tending in the garden. How to protect your plants and...

The Great Divide: preparing perennials

Don't leave off dividing perennials until early spring, when the plants are still dormant or in bud. Fall is the...

4 Exotic fritillaria Picks

While tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and other bulbs can be found flourishing in gardens across the province come spring, hardy fritillarias...

Invasive Lamium

Mention the word “invasive” and most gardeners will throw up their hands - but one can always turn a problem...

Lovely Daylily

A large, vigorous variety, ‘Judith’ holds its own toward the back of a perennial bed or among roses. When featured...

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