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Native B.C. Berry Plants

Description: This erect, deciduous shrub, up to two metres in height, bears smooth-edged, oval-shaped leaves and inconspicuous flowers. Light blue,

Uses for Saskatoon Berries

An important staple food of the North American Indians, the Saskatoon took its common designation from the Cree name for...

Saskatoon Berries

Blending form and function in great taste and style, the versatile Saskatoon berry has an impressive résumé – showy, fragrant,

Bee Kind

The bee population is in trouble. Here is a small thing every gardener can do to help – plant crimson...

Belgian Endives

Belgian or Witloof endive (Cichorium intybus), depending on how it is grown, is one of the few vegetables ready for...

Species rhododendrons

Uniquely interesting and always distinctive in their flower form, species rhodos are a favourite of David Tarrant's.

Banana Plants in BC

While they don't produce fruit this far north, bananas are terrific for creating the lush look of the tropics here...

Crimson Clover

If you don’t have much space for growing, try sowing about 20 seeds in a pot to be put on...

Purple Loosestrife

“People once believed garden varieties of purple loosestrife didn’t produce seed,” says Cory Lindgren, who oversees Canada’s biocontrol efforts for...

Concepts on Camera

Small and easy to use, the one-time-use cameras that retail for between $10 and $20 are the perfect tool for...

Sunflower: Sunbright

Enhancing ‘Sunbright’‘s attractiveness in the vase is its strong stem and neck and rounded petals. This pollen-less variety with golden yellow...

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