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Summer Care for Dahlias

Already low-maintenance and easy to grow, Wim Vander Zalm shows us how to keep dahlias blooming bright.

Water Wise Up

The answer lies in waterwise gardening, a method of planning and maintaining gardens that reduces water use and results in...

Grow a Scented Garden

My suggestions for a bit of the South of France in your garden: Climbers for growing in the Lower Mainland:...

Scent-Laden Landscapes

Lately I have been reading Marcel Proust (my book club made me do it!), and though I find his three-page...

Easy but showy container plants

From long-flowering roses to climbing beauties, these easy-to-care-for container plants are sure to impress.

Contained Beauty

It’s an old practice, but B.C. gardeners continue to embrace it with real passion. In fact, the fine art of...

Garden insects: Aphid control

Controlling aphids in the garden

Blue Flowers with Bad Habits

From my earliest days in the garden, I have loved blue flowers. As a fledgling gardener, this inclination sometimes got...

Planting Ferns

Few plants bring the lush feel of the woodlands to the garden like our native ferns. And their adaptability and...

In Search of the Yellow Rose

Rosa rugosa is a gift from horticultural heaven, particularly if you prefer sitting back and smelling the roses over preventing...

Great Growing Pumpkin Varieties

Here’s a list of 10 great pumpkin varieties for good growing and autumn enjoyment. Big Moon – a large, sprawling...

Drought-Tolerant Plants

The following are excellent examples of plants that thrive in British Columbia with a minimum of summer watering. Acer glabrum...

Bergenia Cordifolia

Who would have thought that Bergenia, Rodgersia and Heuchera all belong to the same family?

Container Designs

Bring out those old wooden step-ladders and fashion them into garden showpieces. The steps offer perfect positions for containers, while...

Calla Lily

The Calla lily, once only available in white, is now wearing a veritable rainbow of colours. Calla lilies are a lovely...

Northwest Flower and Garden Show

One of the big-three garden shows in North America, this Seattle-based annual extravaganza is more than a plant showcase –...

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