Honey can be used in a multitude of ways in the kitchen, from baking sweets to salad dressings and more

Whether you’re a dabble baker, a foodie constantly scrolling Instagram for inspiration, or on the hunt for the perfect gift, we have some essentials that the pantry may be missing: honey! And we’re not ​just​ talking honey for your next sugar-free cookie recipe and for your afternoon tea.

Honey can be used in a multitude of ways in the kitchen. From baking sweets, making elixirs and cocktails, salad dressings, chicken dishes, pasta, charcuterie and more!

What’s the big deal about honey?

Raw honey is one of the earth's most magical offerings. Not only is it delicious, but for thousands of years, we've been using it in medicine and healthcare, in every place from the battlefield to the birth house. Modern science is just beginning to come to an understanding of the myriad of benefits of raw honey, but the verdict's rolling in. It's seriously good for you, both inside and out.

So get your tastebuds ready...

Turmeric Gold Honey 

4Drizzle Turmeric Gold is the company's take on the traditional golden milk elixir; creamed with organic turmeric, cardamom extract, black pepper extract, and rose oil. Stir into steamed milk or chai tea for a rich, aromatic treat, spread on your kiddos toast, or eat a spoonful daily for full benefits.

Replace part of the required sugar in recipes such as carrot cakes and vanilla cookies for a unique twist. (Sign up for Drizzle's newsletters here to get a sugar-to-honey conversion chart!)

Berry Bliss Honey 

8Lush, juicy, and bursting with super berry goodness, Drizzle Berry Bliss makes for a perfect, energizing addition to your day. Drizzle onto baked goods, blend into a vinaigrette or enjoy by the spoonful.

Loaded with organic berries, this honey's superfood-power comes from organic wild Canadian blueberries, schisandra, goji, acai and beets.

Raw Honeycomb 

7And last but not least: Every foodie should have their own honeycomb for a rare and sweet indulgence.

The light wax combs are 100 percent edible and filled to bursting with fresh, delicious honey that you can eat with a spoon. Honeycomb is the rawest form of Drizzle Honey and is a luxurious topping or pairing for cheese, fruit, meat and bread. An essential for any charcuterie board!

Golden Raw Honey 

2There’s nothing like having an amazing quality, raw honey in your cupboard. Drizzle Golden is a rich, bold, raw honey, perfectly paired with daring flavours like hot sauce, aged cheese, or a cup of strong coffee.

Recipe suggestion: Gently warm with salted butter for a delicious drizzle over fresh biscuits, cornbread or popcorn.

Ginger Shine Honey 

1Drizzle's coveted raw honey is blended with organic ginger, lemon zest oil, elderflower extract, chamomile extract and lemon verbena extract,  creating an elevated, functional elixir. Stir into tea or cocktails for a bright and soothing tonic or a calming nightcap. Drizzle Ginger Shine is sunshine in a jar. The soothing notes of ginger and lemon are the perfect addition to your nightly rituals.

Cacao Luxe Honey 

6Upgrade your morning espresso, indulge by the spoonful, or elevate a simple cake into something unforgettable with Drizzle Cacao Luxe.

The days of reaching for the Nutella jar are over. This alluring yet functional honey will be your family’s new favorite spread with all the benefits that raw honey and raw organic cacao have to offer.

Cinnamon Spiced Honey

5Drizzle Cinnamon Spiced Raw Honey is warm and inviting. Spread over toast, stir into oatmeal or yogurt or drizzle over baked brie for some sweet comfort on a chilly day. Cinnamon Spiced is chef-developed with the perfect balance of organic cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and allspice.

White Raw Honey 

3Drizzle White is a light, delicate, raw honey, buttery in texture and perfectly paired with fresh flavours like fruit, lattes and warm bread.

Recipe suggestion: Stir into hot water then shake over ice to add the perfect sweetness to your favourite cocktail recipe.

Drizzle is better for bees, better for the planet, and better for you. When you choose Drizzle honey, you’re shortening the journey of your food from farm to plate, which reduces your environmental footprint. Access to diverse floral sources and nutrients, as well as use of responsible management techniques, ensure our bees are happier, healthier, and produce higher quality honey.