An important message for all vegans and lactose-intolerant readers

The high temperatures aren't going anywhere anytime soon and everyone is scrambling to cool down. So what better way to beat the heat than by enjoying some ice-creamy goodness? 

This list is an ode to all the vegan and lactose-intolerant readers out there (fellow Asians, put your hands up!)—you are seen! Don’t let your dietary restrictions stop you from living your best cone-filled life.

Check out these eight great vegan ice cream places this summer (or through winter too, if the cold never bothered you anyway) for a delightful treat...

1. Praguery

Praguery’s new vegan soft-serve menu features five delectable flavours: pistachio, mango, PB & J, lemon and Mr. Berry. These offerings are paired with the European street food truck's signature chimney-cake cone, made from naturally vegan sweet dough. Various crunchy toppings come with each flavour and combine with the creamy soft serve to create harmony in your mouth. What started off as a single food truck has now expanded to four locations across the Lower Mainland, so find the one closest to you.
Praguery, multiple locations

2. Say Hello Sweets

This artisan vegan ice-cream spot not only serves customers by the scoop, but also sells ice-cream cakes and ice-cream sandwiches to go. Their flavours are made with a blend of coconut milk, house-made cashew milk and organic agave nectar. Ice-cream sandwich flavours range from lemon raspberry to coffee, and in-store options include sour cherry black sesame and mint chocolate cake among others. Their sublimely balanced flavours are always rotating, so run, don’t walk! 
Say Hello Sweets, 620 Quebec Street, Vancouver

3. Innocent Ice Cream

Just as the name suggests, you have no need to feel guilty for indulging on Innocent, which specializes in ice-cream sandwiches in both vegan and dairy options. Buttercup, a chocolate peanut butter fudge 'nice' cream sandwiched between peanut butter cookies, and Electric, a cappuccino 'nice' cream inside two chocolate chip cookies, are just two of their six vegan flavours. Surely, there's something for everyone—for those who want a light, refreshing bite and those who like a sweeter, creamier munch. 
Innocent Ice Cream, 2103 East Hastings Street, Vancouver 

4. Earnest Ice Cream

As one of Vancouver’s go-to ice-cream spots, we of course had to give Earnest Ice Cream a mention. If you've never heard of Earnest, that’s alright, it's never too late to become obsessed. Their rotation of seasonal flavours always keeps you on your toes. Current vegan flavours include vegan peanut butter chocolate pretzel, vegan Nanaimo bar, and vegan raspberry. Make sure to hit up one of their multiple locations, and don’t forget to take a selfie in front of their signature brick wall. Happy scooping!
Earnest Ice Cream, multiple locations

5. Elephant Garden Creamery

This neighbourhood ice-cream spot serves distinctive offerings that draw inspiration from Asian flavours (in both dairy and dairy-free options). The vegan scoops that are staples on Elephant Garden Creamery's menu include the mango coconut sticky rice flavour. Although like most artisan spots, they also have a rotating menu—catch their passionfruit pineapple mojito flavour if you can! What’s even better, you can pair your vegan scoop with one of their house-made vegan waffle cones. They also have vegan drizzle and topping options for all your sundae-making dreams.
Elephant Garden Creamery's, 2080 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

6. Jenna’s Ice Cream

Jenna's Ice Cream in North Vancouver serves up daily-made almond milk ice cream. They have a simpler menu compared to others on this list, so it's perfect for those of you who like to stick to the basics. Some of their vegan flavours include mango, coconut, chocolate and pineapple. Be sure to support their small business if you’re in the area! 
Jenna’s Ice Cream, 1496 Charlotte Drive, North Vancouver

7. Virtuous Pie 

Virtuous Pie might be better known for their cheesy, doughy goodness, but don’t skip out on their small-batch ice cream. This Vancouver-born concept specializes in vegan pizzas and ice cream, and has now expanded to multiple locations across the province and in the States. Ice cream flavours are available to enjoy by the scoop or take away in a pint. If you want more indulgent options, they offer their flavours in ice-cream sandwich form and in a flight of three scoops. Some delicious options include raspberry cheesecake, ballpark popcorn and caramel macchiato.
Virtuous Pie, multiple locations

8. Softie Co.

Softie Co. specializes in oat-based vegan soft serve, offering up unique flavours like matcha, hojicha, and yuzu (citrus). This brand was created by insta-famous plant-based matcha bakery cafe Whisk Premium Matcha. Softie Co. treats are available inside the same space as the café, so you can enjoy both at the same time—double the fun! They often create interesting seasonal inventions (like rose milk tea and cherry blossom), so keep an eye out for updates on their Instagram page.
Softie Co., 39 Kingsway, Vancouver