Explore the best firm mattresses in Canada with these helpful tips

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There are many factors to consider when shopping for a mattress. Firm mattresses can be a little tough to shop for, as each company may have different firmness standards. Considering the following options, features and specifications as you shop will help you choose the best firm mattress for you.

Our top picks for the best firm mattresses in Canada

Type of mattress

There are a few different types of firm mattresses available in the Canadian market right now. However, most are covered by one of these three popular options: foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses and hybrid mattresses.

Foam mattresses use layers of poly foam, memory foam or latex foam to create a supportive surface. These foams can vary in density to provide different levels of support. These beds can relieve pressure and help you wake feeling refreshed. If you need a bed that isolates motion and cradles the body at an affordable price, a foam mattress is a great choice.

Innerspring mattresses use a base of tightly packed metal coils. Layers of cushioning keep you safe from these coils, which adjust to your weight and the contour of your body. These offer great support but usually more pressure.

Hybrid mattresses include a layer of innerspring coils, but they are topped with different types of dense foam instead of cushioning and stuffing. These mattresses have less motion transfer and generally grant you the best of both types of mattresses.

Is a firm mattress right for you?

Comfort is personal, but a few key factors can determine the best firm mattress in Canada for you...

  • Body typeYour body type is one of the top concerns when choosing a firm mattress. Usually, firm mattresses appeal to sleepers who are a bit heavier. This is because they naturally offer more support. A softer mattress that cradles the body may make it difficult for heavier sleepers to move;
  • Sleeping position: Do you know how you sleep? Firm mattresses are best for people who sleep on their backs or stomachs. Back sleepers need central support to be comfortable, and a firm mattress offers all-over support. People who sleep on their stomachs need to be supported in the midsection especially. It takes more work for a stomach sleeper to keep their spine aligned due to the extreme curve that this sleeping position creates compared to others. They can also make a great sleep surface for combination sleepers. These sleepers cycle through different positions throughout the night, so they need a mattress that is responsive and easy to move around in;
  • Sleeping temperature: Some sleepers are naturally warmer at night than others. If you produce a lot of heat during the night, you might want to consider a firm mattress. When you sink into a soft mattress, body heat can build up throughout the night. It has nowhere to go, as airflow is limited. The result is waking up uncomfortable and sweaty. A firm mattress doesn’t sink as much, so more air can flow around your body. This makes it ideal for people who naturally sleep hot;
  • Preferences: And, of course, your preferences matter. Even if you don’t fit the criteria above, you may prefer to sleep on a firmer mattress. Take your preferences into account, especially if you don’t fit into the ideal ranges for a firm mattress.

A firm mattress may not be for you if...

  • You sleep on your side;
  • You want to sink into your mattress;
  • You weigh less than 130 pounds;
  • You need a lot of pressure point relief.

Medium-firm versus firm

You may find that a lot of firm mattresses are described as either medium-firm or firm. There is not a lot of difference between these two descriptors. When it comes down to it, firm mattresses will be harder, will not cradle your body, and may not help with pressure points.

A medium-firm mattress is a little more forgiving. They usually have more yield, cradle you just a bit, and are softer than firm models. They can also help with pressure points. Medium-firm is the ideal option if you find yourself disliking firm mattresses but need the extra support and temperature control.

Buying a new mattress is an extremely personal decision. Firm mattresses can be difficult to find, and getting the perfect level of support can seem impossible, so we’ve rounded up this list of the best firm mattresses in Canada to help you get your best night of sleep...

1. Logan and Cove Luxury Pillow-top Mattress

Logan1When you think of a luxury mattress, you likely think of something very similar to what Logan and Cove offers. Their Luxury Pillow-top Mattress is considered a hybrid mattress. This means that you get the support of innerspring coils and soft, pressure-relieving foam.

In addition to this hybrid design, there are several options available for your mattress. Sizes from Twin to California King are available, so there’s a size for every member of the family. You can also choose from two different firmness options.

Their medium plush option is supportive and balanced. This option is perfect for those that want a softer sleeping surface. On the other hand, their Luxury Firm option gives you all the support you need for sleeping on your back, stomach, or in a combination of all positions.

Every part of this mattress is engineered for your comfort. The sidewalls are reinforced, allowing for edge-to-edge support. You can sleep anywhere on the bed and receive the same support. The hybrid design allows for complete motion isolation, which is nearly unheard of for a pillow-top mattress. This is due to the coils, which are individually pocketed to absorb motion.

Above the coils are a series of foams, including high-density bio-foam layered with memory foam and cooling gel foam. The top of the mattress is a silk blend Tencel fabric, which helps keep you cool and dry even on the warmest nights. Plus, the silk helps keep air circulating over the surface of the mattress.

You can use the Logan and Cove Luxury Pillow-top Mattress with most well-supported bases, including adjustable, platform, box spring, and slatted foundations. You can try it for 120 nights, or almost four months, to see if you like it. After that, you can return it for a full refund if you find it isn’t to your liking.

A major consideration for this mattress is heat. The layers of foam present in this mattress make it a bit warmer, even with all the gel cooling foam. It can end up trapping body heat inside, though the rest of the mattress is constructed to release heat and keep air flowing.

The Logan and Cove Luxury Pillow-top Mattress is the best firm mattress in Canada because it offers so many comfort features. The hybrid design makes it ideal for those who aren’t sure about a memory foam mattress. The firmness options are perfect for those who want more control over how comfortable their mattress is. Plus it’s Canadian-made!

Warranty: 15 years / Trial Period: 120 nights / Firmness: Medium Plush (6.3/10) and Luxury Firm (7.7/10)
Available online

2. The Novosbed Mattress

Novos1When it comes to all-foam mattresses, it doesn’t get much better than the Novosbed mattress. This mattress comes in six sizes, from Twin to California King. You can choose how firm you want your mattress to be, though there are only three options: soft, medium, and firm.

These firmness options are all very different, allowing customers with different firmness needs to find a bed that is just right for them. Each option comes with Novosbed’s unique mattress structure.

 At the bottom support level, Novosbed uses polyfoam to create a firm, dense surface to distribute your weight evenly. Above that is a memory foam transitional layer to relieve pressure points and align your spine. The top layer is comforting memory foam, which forms to your body to add support in the places you need it most.

All the foams included in this mattress are fifth generation high-density foams. This means they use an open-cell design. You’ll get more airflow, causing heat to evaporate, so it doesn’t build up. If you usually sleep warm, this bed might help to keep you cool. It contains more features that help get rid of heat than other foam-based mattresses on the market.

To top it all off, the Novosbed ships with a removable, machine washable mattress cover. It’s a soft knit-type material that protects the foam bed. Underneath is an elastic core cover that doesn’t interfere with the way the bed works. This interior cover is not removable, but you can take the knit cover off and wash it as often as you want.

The Novosbed has a unique firmness adjustment kit that you can request. If you find that your mattress is too soft or too firm, the company will send you a Comfort+ firmness adjustment kit. This is another layer for your mattress that contains a firming element or a softening one. It’s an easy way for the Novosbed to allow you to customize your mattress without offering multiple firmness levels. According to customers, it helps fine-tune the firmness level.

You can use the Novosbed mattress with most bases, including box springs, adjustable, or platform bases. To use the Novosbed with a slatted foundation, the company recommends slats that are wider than two inches and three inches apart or less. They also recommend a slatted foundation with a center beam for larger, heavier mattresses.

You can try the Novosbed mattress for 120 nights to see if you like it. Their sleep trial works a little differently, though. After 30 days, you can request one of their Comfort+ topper kits to adjust the firmness. After 60 days, you can return for a full refund if that doesn’t work. The adjustment system is the real highlight here, as it can transform the bed instantly.

Overall, the Novosbed is one of the best firm memory foam beds in Canada. It offers several options to customize your firmness, so you can always find your perfect comfort level. It also works well to remove heat, making your nights cooler and more comfortable overall.

Warranty: 15 years / Trial Period: 120 nights / Firmness: Soft (3.2/10), Medium (3.7/10) and Firm (5.1/10)
Available online

3. GhostBed Classic Mattress

GhostGhostBed’s flagship mattress is still one of their best. The GhostBed Classic is a medium-firm multi-foam mattress made of four layers of different foams, stacking up to 11 inches high. It comes in seven sizes, including the standard six mattress sizes and a Split King option, which we don’t usually see when it comes to mattresses like this.

It’s also one of the top-rated latex mattresses in Canada. That’s because the top layer of foam is aerated latex foam. This material helps to pull heat away from you as you sleep. It also has a great bounce—if you like responsive beds, this one will be perfect for you.

Below the aerated latex is a layer of gel memory foam. This assists with keeping you cool and helps relieve those sharper pressure points that make other mattresses uncomfortable. Finally, the core layer is made of a high-density foam that helps support your spine while keeping you comfortable.

The cover on top of the foam core is viscose and polyester, making it comfortable to the touch while remaining breathable. It’s tough to stay hot when you’re sleeping in this bed. While other foam beds can build up body heat, the GhostBed Classic uses the top latex foam layer to improve airflow and keep heat away. Latex is also a super-responsive foam, so it’s easier to move on than other foam mattresses.

You can place the GhostBed Classic mattress on several bases, including adjustable, box spring, and slatted frame foundations. Most solid bases should work for this mattress.

If you aren’t sure about the GhostBed Classic mattress yet, you can try it for 101 nights. You must keep the GhostBed in your home for 30 days, which should give you plenty of time to come to a decision. Any time between Day 30 and Day 100, you can call and set up a return. GhostBed will refund your money if they can’t make it right.

The GhostBed Classic is worth trying. The cooling technology and latex topper make it different from other foam mattresses, so you get the responsiveness and temperature control of an innerspring with the comfort of a foam mattress. If a hybrid mattress isn’t your thing, the GhostBed Classic is the next best thing!

Warranty: 20 years / Trial Period: 101 nights / Firmness: Medium (7/10)
Available online

4. The Douglas Mattress

Doug1Sometimes the best mattresses in Canada are the ones that are made by Canadians, for Canadians. That’s the case with the Douglas Mattress. Like some of the other mattresses on our list, this one is made by GoodMorning. You can expect the same excellent quality here.

The Douglas Mattress is available in all 6 standard mattress sizes, from Twin to California King. Each of these sizes comes at a great price, considering everything that Douglas has to offer.

There are no firmness options here. All Douglas mattresses are medium-firm, which are reasonably comfortable for people of all sizes and sleep positions. Despite being an all-foam bed, this mattress has the best bounce of any foam mattress we’ve ever seen. That’s due to some of the foam layers inside.

The Douglas Mattress uses a three-layer design, wrapped in a cooling Tencel fibre cover. This cover can be unzipped and washed. When you sleep, it helps to keep moisture and heat away from your body. Canada’s mountain ranges also inspire the cover’s design, and it’s a nice touch for this exclusive mattress.

The first layer is an ecoLight cooling gel foam made with up to 40 percent less carbon input than traditional memory foam. It’s more eco-conscious than most other foam mattresses. It also helps to keep you cool while you sleep.

Under that is a layer of Elastex foam. This latex alternative provides the same kind of support and bounce as natural latex but without the chemicals that could cause allergic reactions. The core is made of supportive motion isolation support foam.

Together, these layers create a uniform sleep surface that supports sleepers no matter which position they sleep in. However, it is worth noting that customers over 230 pounds might find that the mattress doesn’t hold up as well, considering it’s a bit softer than they’d need.

You can put the Douglas Mattress on most solid bases, including platform, adjustable, and box spring bases. Slatted foundations must have slats that exceed two inches in width, are situated three inches or less apart, and have at least one centre beam to help support the foam.

The mattress also has a 120-night sleep trial. If you find that you aren’t sleeping peacefully, you can return the bed before the 120 days are up. Douglas will arrange for pickup and refund your money.

The Douglas Mattress is a fantastic eco-conscious option. Its all-foam construction helps keep you comfortable, while support layers keep all your pressure points cradled well. Heat can be a bit of a problem, but the cooling gel and other heat-reducing measures help you sleep cooler.

Warranty: 15 years / Trial Period: 120 nights / Firmness: Medium (6.6/10)
Available online

5. The Endy Mattress

Endy1Endy is another Canadian-exclusive company, and the Endy mattress is their flagship model. It’s affordable and comfy, but what sets this mattress apart is the lack of motion transfer between partners. That’s why the Endy mattress is the best in Canada for partners.

You can purchase the Endy mattress in the standard six sizes, which will work for most members of your family. Honestly, the prices are extremely affordable compared to similar mattresses, so it’s worth checking the Endy out.

The medium-firm mattress is an all-foam construction, mainly high-density polyfoam. The entire mattress is wrapped in a soft, machine washable micro-quilted cover that you can remove easily.

The top layer is a comfort layer with open cells, and it’s less dense than the rest of the mattress. The open-cell design helps it breathe a little better than most memory foam. This means it’s much better at keeping you cool rather than building body heat.

The middle layer is a firm, supportive transitional polyfoam. The high-density foam prevents excessive sinking and cradles you like a hug, unlike traditional mattresses. Finally, the bottom layer is a high-density polyfoam support core. It stabilizes the entire mattress, making it easy for your spine to stay aligned no matter which position you sleep in.

There are two big advantages to trying the Endy mattress. First, the temperature control of the open-cell foam construction keeps you cool all night long, no matter what. Second, the dense foam layers will keep the bed from moving around. When your partner is tossing and turning, you won’t be able to feel it at all.

Endy offers a 100-night sleep trial. You can try the Endy mattress and see if it’s for you. If you don’t like the mattress for any reason, you can return it for a full refund within this 100-day time frame. Unlike some companies, Endy doesn’t make you try the mattress for a minimum of 30 days before returning.

Overall, the Endy mattress is an excellent affordable Canadian-made option. The way it's constructed is great for your sleep! Plus it’s the best mattress for couples because it doesn’t transfer any motion to the other side of the bed. If your partner tosses and turns a lot, you can finally get a peaceful rest!

Warranty: 10 years / Trial Period: 100 nights / Firmness: Medium (7.4/10)
Available online

Further considerations

Think about these things before making your online mattress purchase...

  • Trial optionsBuying a mattress online can be a bit more difficult. You can’t try it out before making the purchase. To combat this risk, companies offer sleep trials. You purchase the bed and use it for a set amount of time (from 30 days to 120 days, usually). If you don’t like it, you can return it during this period for a full refund. Choosing a longer trial period can help you get a better feel for your mattress. The decision to keep or return the mattress shouldn’t be made lightly, so take the time that you need;
  • Size: Mattresses come in six standard sizes, ranging from a single (or twin) up to a California king. Determine the size that would be best for you. If you’re the only one sleeping in the bed, consider a Twin, Twin XL, or Double bed. If you’re sleeping with children, consider a double or queen bed. Couples and couples sleeping with children should go for a queen, king, or California king.
  • Foundation: Each mattress needs a base. These bases, or foundations, determine what goes under the mattress to help it support you. Each mattress will have its compatible foundation types. Adjustable foundations, for instance, are best used with firm mattresses. A box spring foundation is great for any type of mattress.

The mattress company should list the compatible bases in the product description. Make sure that you have a base of the proper type and size before making your purchase.

Choosing a mattress is extremely personal. Everyone may not experience the same results. Keep all these features in mind before purchasing a bed, but don’t be afraid to return it after your trial period. Your bed is one of the most important purchases you’ll make, and it can affect all other facets of your life. Any of the best firm mattresses in Canada on our list could be your next best night of sleep.