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Address: Mowgli Island

Price: $4,000,000

Listing: See details here

The skinny: Four-bedroom, two-bathroom, 2,000-square-foot house on a private island north of Saltspring.

The bling: You must have heard the news: billionaires the world over are busy building end-of-times houses all the better to facilitate their escape from whichever doomsday scenario may come to pass. Yes, this is the survivalist setting you need. Try and fish for your own food, practise chopping firewood, and learn how to live without all the luxuries you think you might die without. Though admittedly, this cabin is above ground, offering no escape from the ultimate annihilation posed by a nuclear threat, it is off grid and surrounded by water. You also—and let’s be optimistic for a moment—probably still have time to get your (much more luxurious) underground bunker built before any zero-sum conflict breaks out. Best news of all, this property comes with its own private island, meaning you don’t need to build a wall to protect you from annoying family members or other assorted refugees looking for shelter. Although, on second thought, you may want to go ahead and put one up anyway—when the chips are down, borders make everything better, right?

The hidden extras: Moorage for multiple boats, 3,400 feet of usable beachfront, extensive forest trail system, bunk house.

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