BCLiving takes you inside one of the most outrageously upmarket real estate offerings in the province

Address: 568 Senanus Drive, Victoria

Price: $5,900,000

Listing: 388374

The skinny: Ten-bedroom, 14-bathroom, 7,900-square-foot house on a six-acre estate on the Saanich Peninsula.

The bling: Well, dear me, here’s a sight for sore eyes. Have a look at this nifty little house right on the water. You might risk going broke with the pretty pile of money you’ll need to take out from the bank, but you’ll never have to leave home to go down the pub again. Oh no, you can get proper pissed with your mates on all the gin you can handle in your very own English boozer. No joke. The hand-carved bar was imported all the way from dear old Blighty! Perfect for getting proper pissed (yes, there are lots of ways to say that one) on the old Scotch before downing a red-hot curry. So throw a party, raise a toast and take another drink, because if someone had told you that one day you’d own your own boozer, you’d have thought they were having a right old laugh. 

The hidden extras: Would you believe it? Parking for the vintage motors, more for the spanking new ones and stables for a team of horses to cover the races. Tennis courts, swimming pool, sauna.… Goodness gracious, it’s all about as fancy pants as it comes.

entranceexteriorexterior 2barliving roomkitchen 2kitchenbathswimming pooldeckboathousedockshorelinetennisstablefountainwaterfall