Blush Peony Fireside Slipper Socks

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Fireside socks

Blush Peony Fireside Slipper Socks

The hottest item from the Winter-Edition of the Simply Beautiful #editorsbox is here!

The ultimate in coziness, these gorgeous twist knit, fleece-lined slipper socks are like a blanket for your feet. Grab a magazine and snuggle up fireside in pure comfort. For those who are always chilly, these socks are great to wear even while sleeping on cold winter nights.

One warning: if you're getting these for yourself, you better stash them in a safe place or someone else in your household is sure to steal them.

We only have a very limited amount available!

To make things even better, the shipping is on us.

What people are saying about us...

Do you have a web link for those gorgeous slipper socks? I'd love to purchase some more! My daughter just stole mine!!!
Having the socks during this cold winter helped me survive our broken furnace
My 4 yr old stole mine! They’re ridiculously large on her, but she says “mommy, they’re soooo cozy.”
As soon as I got those slippers, I needed to buy more for a Christmas gift. I bought four pairs!!!

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Blush Peony Fireside Slipper Socks
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Blush Peony Fireside Slipper Socks
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