What if money was no object? We take you inside one of the most beautiful real estate offerings in the country

Address: 3202 Tower Road, Krestova

Price: $2,179,000

Listing: 2453112

The skinny: Three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 80-acre home in The Kootenays

The chic: Sitting on 80 acres of unspoiled land, this underground hideaway is designed with all the modern amenities while providing a totally unique and secluded living experience. The incredibly spacious bunker home is a custom build and combines beautiful aesthetics with sustainable living. Protective sky lights open the space up with tons of natural light; a live green roof regulates indoor temperatures to save energy; and high ceilings with spacious rooms provide functional and open living. This hobbit home is equipped with under-floor hot water heating, solar panels, two septic systems and backup batteries that allow the bunker to run on or off the grid. Perfect for say... a global pandemic. Take in the sights and relax by the outside firepit or soak in your completely private hot tub that overlooks the rolling hills of evergreens. The property also provides a double carport, large workshop, storage rooms and residential house. 

The hidden extras: Seeing as this home is already pretty hidden, the surrounding 80 acres of untouched, beautiful, lush land on your doorstep should be enough to suffice.