What if money was no object? We take you inside one of the most beautifully charming real estate offerings in the country

Address: 115 Riverdale Road, Port Sandfield

Price: $8,395,000

Listing: 202718

The skinny: Six-bedroom, six-bathroom, 5,860 square-foot house in Port Sandfield, Ontario

The chic: Built in 2018 and situated on 1.4 acres of land, this contemporary waterfront home offers luxury living with breathtaking views of Lake Joseph. Designed with the latest technology, high-quality materials and an open living space, this hidden haven is the perfect place to disconnect from the stress of everyday life and relax. Its modern architectural elements (including floor-to-ceiling windows) offer a dynamic contrast against the panoramic rural setting, making it the ultimate zen oasis. And whether you’re taking five in the living room, soaking in the tub or lounging lakeside, catching the sunset will be an easy task in this place.

The hidden extras: A brand new two-storey boathouse and cottagewe promise to provide the beer when we’re invited to the housewarming/boat party shindig.



Living #2

Living #3

Living #4

Bedroom 5Bedroom 6Bedroom 7Bathroom 8

Bathroom 9

Living #10

Boat 11Boat 12

Boat 13

Deck 14House 15Deck 16