In this unique presentation, join top chef Cameron Stauch on a food journey through the vibrant culinary scene of Vietnam. Chef Cameron is the author of “Vegetarian Việt Nam”, released earlier this month and rated as one of the ten best cookbooks of spring 2018. Attendees will have the chance to win a signed copy of this exciting new release, as well as sample some of Cameron’s delicious recipes! Chef Cameron and travel photographer Peter Langer will give us a taste of the cooking traditions of north, central and south Vietnam, including the world’s best street food in Hanoi, inside looks into the kitchens of the country’s best chefs and virtual tours of the hidden food gems of each region. The presentation will focus on Chef Cameron’s upcoming 12-day Culinary Journey Through Vietnam this November. TRAVEL TALK: Culinary Journey Through Vietnam with Chef Cameron Stauch WHEN: Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 3:00 PM WHERE: Peter Kaye Room, Vancouver Public Library (Central), 350 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE - PLEASE ACCESS YOUR FREE TICKETS THROUGH WWW.BESTWAY.COM ABOUT CHEF CAMERON STAUCH Cameron Stauch is a chef and author currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. Over the last 18 years he's had the fortunate opportunity of eating and working in kitc hens throughout Asia and North America. Prior to living in Thailand he lived in Hanoi, Vietnam and spent several years living and cooking throughout the country. This research led him to write his first book, Vegetarian Việt Nam, which highlights the tradition of vegetarian Vietnamese cuisine.