Delve Into Geoscience with DIG Day! We're partnering with Engineers and Geoscientists BC for this fun and educational event. Family-friendly activity stations allow you to explore a different part of the wonderful world of minerals, fossils and more. We will also be pulling out some of our gold collection, normally not on public display. Activities run from 11am to 3pm. Come see how cool geoscience can be! With thanks to Engineers and Geoscientists BC for collaborating on this event. Gold Station We'll be digging into our own collections to bring out our selection of gold samples for visitors to see. Below BC Station Chat with the professional rockhounds and storytellers of Below BC! Check out cool rocks, minerals and hands-on activities. Canada 150 Rocks See a selection of 150 rocks from across Canada as well as a display of fluorescent minerals. Organized by the Port Moody Rock & Gem Club. Fossil Station Get up close and personal with an impressive fossil collection from Brennan Martens.