Did you love the book Factory Girls? Wonder about where your clothes may come from, who makes them and what their lives may be like? As we, in the Western world, approach our New Years, what does Chinese New Years mean to the families of migrant workers? Doors open at 6:30. Film will start at 7pm and end at 8:30pm. We can linger and mingle until 9pm. An intimate portrait of a moment in time: China, New Year's holiday travel, 130 million factory workers migrating from city factory jobs to the rural towns where their families await their yearly visit. Filmmaker Lixin Fan follows the family of Zhang Changhua and Chen Suqin over three years, journeying with them each year from Guangzhou to Szechuan province as part of the world's largest annual migration. In the city, they toil day in, day out at a garment factory making clothes destined for Western markets and sleep in a dormitory with little privacy or comfort – all so they can send money home to pay for the education that will deliver their kids out of poverty. In the country, their children work hard at their studies and farm the land with their grandma – until, that is, their daughter rebels. Fan is journalistic in his approach to documenting the family's struggles, which are altogether commonplace in this age of industrialization, but no less heart wrenching to observe. A must-watch for anyone interested in socioeconomics, fashion or family dynamics, Last Train Home is deeply moving and tragically human. Come and enjoy an intimate theatre experience in Yaletown. It's a real theatre but with only 24 seats in an apartment building, near the Yaletown Skytrain station. I will provide the snacks and I have some beer but if you are particular, maybe BYOB or Wine. Wheelchair accessible. No smoking, No pets.