Keep your home looking classic and chic this holiday season with our expert tips

Whether you love decorating your home for the holidays or dread dragging up the ratty Christmas box from the basement, these tips are sure to inspire. “Christmas is really important to each of my team members, including myself. It’s my favourite holiday,” says interior design expert Kendall Ansell. She shared thoughts on updating classic holiday decor for a modern, West Coast home.

1. Less is more

1. Less is moreKendall AnsellBefore you fill your home with festive decor, try to put a few pieces away and bring them back out after the holidays. “People think they need to add to what they have, but they can take away,” Kendall says. By decluttering before you decorate, you’ll have more room for your favourite pieces to shine.

2. Involve the kids

2. Home decor featuring the kidsKendall AnsellIf you have kids, it’s always a battle to keep your home from looking like a kindergarten craft room, especially around the holidays! Kendall recommends giving the kids their own little tree to decorate that they can fill with their favourite crafty pieces. Easy-to-make crafts like pre-made glitter stickers can get the kids involved while keeping your home looking great.

3. Small space decorating

3. Small space decoratingKendall AnsellEven a small apartment can feel cheerful this season with the right touches. “It’s all about priorities when it comes to decorating and not getting something that’s over-scaled for the space,” Kendall says. If a full-sized Christmas tree isn’t in the stars for you, gather some inspo from her “deconstructed Christmas tree” above, with cedar boughs as a festive skirt. It fits right into the small apartment—without cramping anyone’s style.

4. New classics

4. New classicsKendall AnsellThis year, Kendall sees classic holiday pieces, like trees and wreaths, getting chic, minimalist updates. Modern wreaths made with knitting loops are popular because they look sleek. “It’s not huge and puffy and overdone,” Kendall says. “I don’t think people need to do a wreath out of cedar. It can be done out of flowers, yarn... anything that you’re attracted to.” Kendall created wreaths out of wool, macramé and feathers this season to show off the versatility of holiday decor.

5. Pink Christmas

5. Pink ChristmasKendall AnsellDreaming of a pink Christmas? Kendall says that tones of pink, gold and silver will be the most popular this season. Simple yet glam materials will shine, like this glittery garland.

6. Mom’s always right

6. Mom’s always rightKendall AnsellPart of Kendall’s design ethos comes from her mother. “My mom never left a room without a Christmas ornament in it. That’s definitely something that I’ve taken from her.” Try to bring in an element of seasonal decor to each space in your home.