Share your commitment to healthy living in the gift choices that you make

Here are some deliciously healthy gift ideas right from the kitchen...

1. A bounty of fruit

Create a fruit basket emphasizing seasonal beauties such as apples and oranges.

2. Go nuts

Put together a gourmet nut-and-seed collection. Throw in extra-special seeds like chia and hemp hearts.

3. Soup in a mason jar

Include a recipe card and the dry ingredients to make soup such as lentils, barley, brown rice, dried herbs and chicken bouillon.

4. Give some warmth

Give a mug with the dry ingredients and recipe needed to make hot cocoa. A few mini marshmallows in a little bag with a bow adds a finishing touch.

5. A homemade meal

Design a coupon for a gourmet meal that you’ll make for friends or family.

6. Spice it up

Put together a collection of seasonings reflecting the flavours of the season.

7. Comfort in a mug

Compile an assortment of herbal teas.

8. Movie night

Give a jar of popcorn and a bowl to serve it in.

9. Tools of the trade

Buy a new sharp vegetable peeler, cutting board and paring knife to make eating vegetables and fruits easier.

10. Inspiration

Select a favourite cookbook to promote eating wholesome, home-cooked meals more often.