Rest easyeven during the pandemicwith inventive bed-in-a-box options this season

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most people have been spending more time at home, leaving many of us to realize that our mattresses aren’t as comfortable as we thought they were. You may not know this, but you should actually change your mattress every six to eight years. When you’re in the middle of a pandemic though, is it a good time to go mattress shopping?

Despite shop closures, decreased business hours and other COVID stressors, online shopping for essentials is still available. Buying a mattress online may have not crossed your mind before, but it is a great option, especially with bed-in-a-box mattresses becoming more popular.

DouglasA mattress or bed-in-a-box is a regular mattress that has simply been compressed and rolled to fit into a box. This makes it more convenient to get into your car (or the delivery truck!) and then into your home. Trying to maneuver a full-size mattress through small hallways and stairwells is likely no one’s cup of tea.

With a bed-in-a-box, you simply bring the box upstairs and cut open to release the mattress. These products typically need 24 hours to reach their full shape. After which, get ready to have the best night’s sleep possible!

Whether you prefer memory foam or coil mattresses, no problem! Both can be easily compressed. (That being said, memory foam is easier to compress, as there are no coils that can be damaged.)

Not only is a bed-in-a-box easy to install, but there are also plenty of other benefits. Notably, the savings! As bed-in-a-box mattresses are sold online, they tend to be cheaper than a regular mattress from the store. This is because online companies don’t need to factor in overhead costs into pricing. Similarly, compressing the mattress into the smaller box also means shipping costs will be lower for both you and the manufacturer. As a mattress is a big purchase, shipping actually tends to be free, so even more savings.

Many bed-in-a-box companies also tend to give customers a risk-free trial. Since you aren’t able to go to a store to try out the mattress, how will you know if you like it? Bed-in-a-box companies understand the issue and make up for it by offering trials. How long the trial is depends on the company, but generally, if you don’t like the mattress during the trial, you can return it and get a full refund. This will allow you to test out the mattress for an extended period of time (typically one to four months) to ensure you either really like it or really dislike it. You won’t get this benefit from traditional mattress stores. Just keep in mind, the warranty will usually be shorter for a hybrid mattress.

So, since buying and using a bed-in-a-box mattress is so easy, what are you waiting for? Many companies will deliver your bed-in-a-box within the week or sometimes even the very next day. In a short while, you could be sleeping on a whole new mattress. If there is something good to come of the stress of the COVID pandemic, it’s our ability to buy a bed-in-a-box. Join the club by getting a bed-in-a-box mattress today... and get a good sleep.