Make the most of small spaces with these helpful design tips

Let’s face it! When you’re living in the city, large living spaces are almost impossible to come by. Whether it’s a single family home in need of some creativity to declutter, or a small studio apartment, design expert Kendall Ansell has seen it all. Here are a few tips to help amplify an otherwise small living space to get a cozy fall started off right...

Create separation in unexpected ways

1Often an open floor plan can feel overwhelming and require some creativity to make opportunities for separation. Think of it as a blank canvas. Kendall’s favorite hack is adding a divider. Investing in a large divider can save you money you would have otherwise spent on a bigger reno. Dividers create separation without forcing you to take on a full scale renovation, and if you’re renting your space, this is the perfect solution! If however, you’re ready to dive into something a little more fun, this “secret door” entry way was the perfect opportunity to section off the laundry room from the kitchen in one of Kendall’s recent projects.

Use your walls

2Built-in cabinetry will always add value to a small condo and will keep items from piling up. When space is limited, keeping things off the floor and stored in cabinets and on shelves will make all the difference. Shelving in the space above eliminated floor clutter, a common challenge for many. Canadian brands like Kitch create high-quality floating shelves, so you don’t need to worry about them having the strength to hold your display. Balancing out dishware with art pieces can help add dimension while acting functionally.

Forget about a dining table

3When your space is limited, the need for a dining table becomes questionable. So why not opt for bar stools to save space? A few fun and modern bar stools can create the perfect dining space without requiring an investment in a table that likely will clutter the dining area. Be sure to select comfortable stools that support your back and reach the height of the island so that your guests can enjoy themselves with or without the table.