What if we told you that making your home look lavish and sophisticated doesn’t have to break the bank?

Even a few simple style choices and upgrades can give your home the upscale makeover of your dreams. So we spoke to interior designer Annaliesse Kelly of AK Design to get her tips on how to make your home look sleek and stylish.

1. Get creative with accessories

home decor styled accessoriesKelly is a big believer in making a mix of changes to transform a space, rather than trying to look for specific “sophisticated” pieces. Among these changes is adding vintage or antique accessories and design elements to your home.

These can be as simple as a mirror, or a decorative tabletop piece for a side table. Beyond that, add patterned toss cushions—and definitely some artwork.

“Art is a big key to sophistication,” says Kelly, “It adds a personal touch and creates an opportunity for conversation. Also, your artwork doesn't have to necessarily match with the rest of your decor to look stylish.”

2. Add a fresh coat of paint

bedroom with dark feature wallIt seems straightforward, but a fresh coat of paint is sometimes all you need to transform a room without a major overhaul. If you want to get creative, try painting a feature wall instead of the entire room.

In a bedroom, for example, opt for the wall directly behind the bed so that area becomes the focal point and it gives the bedroom some symmetry.

3. Incorporate sleek hardware finisheskitchen hardware

Hardware accents are the ideal place to add sophistication, especially if you don’t know where to start. Accents like doorknobs, curtain rods or drawer handles are simple places for you to make sleek, elegant design upgrades.

“We love un-lacquered brass accents. What makes them unique is that they darken and oxidize over time, giving any space a bit of character and a luxurious, lived-in feel.”

4. When in doubt, go for hardwood flooringkitchen

Flooring is another effective way to add style and sophistication to your home. Selecting the right flooring will depend on a number of factors, including budget, style and durability.

Hardwood oak floors (pictured above) are a timeless favourite. If you look carefully, you’ll notice the planks are all different widths. This is a great way to make a space feel fresh, sophisticated and unique.

5. Layer, layer, layer!layered living room

Layering involves adding multiple design elements to a single space to give it depth and style, in a way that looks cohesive and effortless.

Along with a fresh coat of paint, linens, light fixtures and patterns are effective areas to layer your home and make it feel transformed.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours and patterns, especially in linens. Besides cushions and bedding, drapery is another great way to add layering to a space and make it feel new and luxurious. Once again, opt for a sleek pattern to give the space depth and complement solid wall colours.

“I believe that the most sophisticated spaces have a few surprises to them, whether that be a well-placed antique piece in a modern-looking room, or a unique conversation-starter like a flashy chandelier or a piece of artwork. Together, these things can make any space feel beautifully curated.”