Some homes have curb appeal—that visual attractiveness; a certain charm that draws people in. A unique, welcoming front entrance catches people’s eyes, but even more important—and often overlooked—is a beautiful garage door.

Considering that it’s often the largest component of the front of someone’s home, a garage door can have a tremendous impact on a property’s overall look. In fact, it can contribute anywhere from 30 to 60 per cent to a home’s facade.

“Up until a few years ago, everyone had the same door—a raised-panel, white steel door,” says John Lutz, Vancouver branch manager of Creative Door.  “Then people started looking at their homes and paying more attention to the outside and realized the need for nicer doors.

“We have a lot more designs available to the marketplace today than ever before, allowing people to choose something that will distinguish their home from others.”

With over 47 years in the business of supplying, installing and servicing building access and security products across Western Canada, Creative Door Services has a vast range of eye-catching garage door options, from designer doors to carriage-house style doors and more. Up until recently, however, only a handful of colours were available from manufacturers.

That’s changed. 


Revolutionary colour system

Creative Door Services is the exclusive Western Canadian dealer of Wayne Dalton, a leading producer of garage and commercial doors. And it’s proud to offer customers the new innovative colour system by Wayne Dalton.

Called TruChoice™, Wayne Dalton’s state-of-the-art system takes garage doors to the next level of beauty and durability. With more than 6,000 breathtaking colours to choose from, it allows you to match your garage door to other exterior features of your home or to choose a paint finish that will make a bold statement.

“We can even match something you already own like a piece of artwork, a vase, or a landscaping feature,” says Charlie Dalton, Wayne Dalton district sales manager. “Unlike paint finishes that are applied using a roller in the field and that typically offer no warranty, we offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty against cracking and peeling.  



TruChoice™ effortlessly matches colours including RAL Classic colours, a paint sample of your choice, and several brand name paint manufacturers such as Ace, Behr, Benjamin Moore, Olympic, Sherwin Williams, True Value, and Valspar.

“Whatever colour you want, your door can be factory-painted that way,” Lutz says. “If you want a very specific shade of red, we can do it. This is an evolution.”

Whether you’re building a new home or replacing an existing garage door, the system saves you time and energy. Wayne Dalton’s cutting-edge process allows you to customize your door upon order for a durable, high-quality factory finish, completely avoiding the hassle of painting after installation. The paint is mixed using a manufacturer’s colour code, RAL code, or a spectrophotometer.  Two coats of high quality paint are then sprayed and baked on the door.  The door is then left to dry, inspected, and then boxed up and sent out to be installed. 

One of the issues with rolling paint on the conventional way is that the finish is not as durable as a garage door factory finish. The application can also be messy with unboxing and re-boxing doors, allowing for drying time, and dealing with touch-ups and other related mess.  

“Another advantage to TruChoice™ is having window frames and inserts painted,” Dalton says. “It can be very difficult and in fact is not recommended to pull the window assembly apart to paint the frames and inserts.  With TruChoice™, these components get painted at the factory prior to the door being assembled.  

“With TruChoice™, your door arrives sealed in the original factory packaging and is ready to install,” he adds. “A home owner, home builder, or contractor does not have to worry about the painting process and the durability of the finish. That’s our responsibility and we guarantee it.”


Return on investment

The curb appeal of a garage door ranks highly for delivering the most value in resale for home-improvement projects costing less than $5,000. You’ll get your money back when it comes time to sell your home.

The doors, which come with a factory warranty, will add value to your home.

“All this leads to curb appeal and great value; your home will stand out from the rest,” Lutz says. “Garage doors have finally become sexy.” 

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