Spruce up both home and wardrobe this spring with perfect pieces from Ten Thousand Villages

Offering a stylish way to "shop your values" and give gifts with meaning, Canadian-based Ten Thousand Villages, established in 1946, showcases goods that improve the lives of makers by supporting their craft and providing a fair, stable income. From communities throughout the developing world, every inspired design is crafted with love using local materials—usually natural or recycled—and time-honoured skills by makers admired by the company and, often, partnered with for years.

Scarf taupe

Looking to elevate a simple outfit or need some extra flair to complete your look this season? The linen and silk Taupe Silk Scarf from Ten Thousand Villages is the perfect accessory. Located in Vietnam, the makers—who are mostly women—work with Craft Link, who represents nearly 5,600 artisans. Craft Link's goals include cultural preservation, public education on traditional handicrafts, and income generation for ethnic minorities, street children and artisans with disabilities. The organization works closely with the Vietnamese Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi to preserve the traditional skills of ethnic minority craftspeople, by helping groups design new products and develop marketing opportunities. Artisans also receive tools, interest free loans, and literacy and training classes. The Tye-Dyed Scarf with Fringe, also handmade by the makers of Craft Link, adds a light and colourful accessory to your spring outfit.

NecklaceFor those who love delicate jewelry, Ten Thousand Villages has the perfect three piece set to help any spring outfit truly blossom. The Sterling Silver Heart Necklace, Sterling Silver Heart Bracelet and Sterling Silver Heart Earrings are handcrafted by the makers of Mitra Bali and are perfect when worn together or separately. As an artisan cooperative formed to help independent craftspeople find new markets outside of Bali, Mitra Bali works only with producers who emphasize gender equality, provide safe working conditions, use environmentally sustainable raw materials, and do not exploit women or children. Since many of their crafts are made of wood, Mitra Bali supports reforestation by supplying artisans with softwood tree seedlings.

To give the home a seasonal refresh, the large Yellow Block Kaisa Grass Basket is handwoven by the makers of Dhaka Handicrafts in Bangladesh. During the monsoon season, the makers cut kaisa grass from riverbanks and leave the roots for the next year’s crop.


Perfect for storage, groceries or weekend trips, the Teal Seagrass Bag is handwoven by the makers from Mai Handicrafts in Vietnam using seagrass and is accented with leather-like handles. Mai Handicrafts is a non-profit organization founded by social workers concerned about the plight of street children in Ho Chi Minh City, and has given work to youth as well as provided informal literacy classes.

Bring your home to life with new houseplants planted in the Herringbone Etched Terra Cotta Planter. Makers from Corr-The Jute Works load local clay into molds to cast the shape, allowing them to cure outdoors in the sun and then paint the details by hand. Today, 4,000 artisans are members of the 154 rural cooperatives that make up Corr-The Jute Works, an organization that focuses on job training, literacy and health issues, developing leadership skills and generating awareness of women's rights.

To learn more about the products and the makers who create them, head to Ten Thousand Villages for more information and product details.